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Book Me

Frank Paolo
Box 6-W,
10 Manhattan Square,
Rochester, NY 14607
(585) 546-3244

My Fees:
$4000 - Day
$5000 - Day and 1/2
$3000 - 4-Hour Workshop
Local Clients May Subtract $1000 from any Fee
Plus Expenses including my Money Back Guarantee

Did you ever notice how hard it is to find most speakers’ fees on web sites? There’s a good reason for that. Most good speakers are handled by agencies which will negotiate with you to obtain the highest fees possible for their clients (of which they’ll take a 25-33% cut) and then try to sell you more speakers to fill the slots on your program.

Now that’s fine and I think agencies fulfill a need for many meeting planners and trainers. But I’m not represented by agencies. And if you’ve found your way to this page, you have a pretty good idea of what you need and what it’s going to cost to book me. We don’t need a middle man, do we? Why tack on more expense?

I keep my prices low to work more. I love doing what I do. If the choice is to stand in front of an audience and inspire your people to become more than they thought they could be or stay home and watch Andy Griffith reruns, you know where I’d prefer to be.

Like all good speakers, I like to be booked months in advance. And it’s not because I have hundreds of clients begging for my services. It’s because I only book a maximum of 2 1/2 days a week so I can be at my best for each client. A speaker’s job isn’t exactly like heavy lifting but coupled with traveling, it does take a lot of energy (if it’s done right).

1. Call (585) 546-3244 or E-mail me and determine if we can set a date.

2. Send a corporate check for 1/2 the fee to secure the date. The check will not be cashed at this time. Send check to: Frank Paolo, Box 6-W, 10 Manhattan Square, Rochester, New York 14607.

3. Client is responsible for booking flights and hotel and local transportation.
Flights: coach class if 6 hours or less; business class for overseas flights.
You are not expected to take me to dinner or entertain me. In fact I would prefer it if you would not take me to dinner or entertain me. I’m there to deliver a memorable learning experience for your people - not to be an entertaining and charming dinner companion (you’d probably be disappointed anyway). For full day seminars, client provides a room, videotaping equipment and lunch. Paolo provides books, tapes, and workbooks.

4. Sorry. Client videotaping or audio taping of any parts of my presentations is not allowed. If Joe Bagadonuts can’t make it that day, you’ll just have to book another appearance for him.

Money Back Guarantee:
5. One hour or so into my program, I’ll speak with whomever hired me. If you aren’t absolutely convinced you’re getting great value for your money, I’ll hand you back your 1/2 fee check and leave for the airport. (In 25 years of speaking, this has NEVER happened. Not once. It’s just insurance for you.) If your audience is loving it and you’re getting all you expected, you hand me a check for the other 1/2 of my fee and we all happily complete the commitment.

Cancellation Policy:
6. We’re all reasonable business people here and sometimes stuff happens. I think this is a fair way to handle that stuff:

  • If the Client must cancel for some good reason, just book me for another appearance within 45 days. There won’t be a penalty. This is good before I leave home. But if I land in your city, sorry, I’m yours for the day! Ask me to work in the lunchroom or mop floors but you bought me and you’ll have to pay the fee.

  • If I have to cancel for whatever reason (This has only happened once in 25 years) you get a free appearance within 45 days. The only things for which you pay are my expenses. Fair? Anything I Haven’t Covered? Call or E- me and we’ll talk. If I’m not traveling, I will get back in touch with you within 24 hours.

1. Can you lower your fee?
Sure. Guarantee me in writing that every person whom I coach in your company will cut their salaries by 25-50% for the year and I’ll do the same thing with my fee.

2. We’re a Non-Profit group which needs help but can’t afford your fee. Can you help us?
I deliver a number of workshops and appearances every year without charge.If you are a TRUE non-profit, give a call and we’ll try to work something out.

3. We’re a “Not-for-Profit” group which needs help but can’t afford your fee. Can you help us?
Call Dale Carnegie.

4. Will you send us a videotape and/or an audio tape?
Sorry, no. Those days are gone. If you can’t form a strong opinion from all the information on this site and my Money Back Guarantee, I think you should move on. Good luck.

5. We HAVE to use Power Point . Is it THAT bad?
No visual aids are THAT bad if they’re used correctly. They just can’t become the ENTIRE presentation. If that’s what they become, the presenter is only a “schlepper for the slides” and really, who needs him? Clean up a wino, put him in a suit, and let him push the buttons. Pay him $6 an hour and save your company a lot of money.

6. You sound a little too tough for my group.
Do you mean I should get a refund from that charm school I attended? Gosh, my cats like me....anyway. I really wish there was a font for “tongue- in-cheek”. I rarely offend people in seminars and workshops; even the delicate flowers in your group are safe. I use a lot of silly humor in my seminars because presentations are so scary for most people.

What I DON’T do is baby people. When a top corporate executive asks me what I thought of her last presentation, I’m not going to blow smoke at her. Her staff has probably already told her how wonderful it was but she’s not stupid. She saw the glazed looks in the audiences’ eyes; she knows she wasn’t effective. To the same question, I’m more likely to say, “Respectfully, it sucked. And here are three reasons why...” I’m not nearly that direct with beginning presenters but I’m always honest. Somehow, through all of my baloney, I believe most clients know I have their best interests in my heart. I’m there to make them the absolute best they can be. And let me ask you a question: “If I often offended business people, do you think I would still be working for some of America’s best companies after a quarter of a century?”

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