You Forgot, Didn’t You?

When was the last time you heard anything about our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan?  Obama’s “State of the Union Speech”?  He gave a little flag wave and Congress cheered.  It might have taken about a minute or two of his 1-hour, 9-minute speech.

Major media networks – including Fox?  Well, listen to them.  After sifting through the Haiti earthquakes, our rescue efforts, Toyota recalls, the proposed budget deficits,  debates between Obama and Congress, and who won the Grammy Awards, unless more than a few Americans are killed on any given day, they’re just old news.

Does anyone even remember we have: over 100,000 troops in Afghanistan and over 133,000 in Iraq?  That’s about a quarter of a MILLION troops fighting for,  oh…….whatever…. at a cost of about $1-TRILLION dollars over the last 8-years?

You believed the last President and this one – and then forgot about the troops, didn’t you? I blame both of these guys.  I think they now have an equal amount of  blood on their hands.  But you believed them, didn’t you?  They told you it was a noble cause, right?

Hey, Afghanistan (which has a 75% illiteracy rate)  had a “democratic” election where many votes were delivered from tribal villages on the backs of  donkeys.  It only took a few days and “our” candidate (as corrupt as he is) WON!  Great….

And Iraq?  We whacked Saddam even though today many Iraqi’s think they were better off with him rather than being occupied.

Two unwinnable wars – and all the moderates say we can’t just pull out of both of them immediately –  I forget why.  I think I remember that same argument from the Vietnam years about 1969.  It took us just 6 more years to lose that war at a cost of 56,000 American lives and countless hundreds of thousands maimed.

Oh, never mind.  Great Superbowl coming up!  I’ll take New Orleans with the points.  You?

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