You Can’t Win An Argument

Have you ever won an argument? Has anyone with an opposing point of view ever said to you, “Say, I never thought of it that way.  You’re right – and I was wrong.”

You have a better chance of sewing a moonbeam to a fart.

These are some things I’ve learned:

• People’s opinions are rarely changed in an argument.

• Most people come to their conclusions from feelings, beliefs, and traditions.

• They most often form these conclusions without objectively considering facts or a changed reality.

•  People most often listen to  information with which they already agree and are just as likely to ignore information with which they  don’t.

• When people hear facts or logic which support their position, they
reinforce their own opinions and then often use these reasons to believe they’ve arrived at their opinions through them.

•  People just “know” they’re right.

•  The stronger someone presents his beliefs, usually the less sure he is of them and he often becomes defensive.

Do you disagree with these ideas?  Do you think I care?

PS- rereading this, I thought some readers might ask (considering the title of this blog) “Franco, do you mean we should be wary of YOUR opinions?”  I would say “Friends, you should be ESPECIALLY wary of my opinions!”

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