You’re Going to Marry WHO?

OK, Mr. Fink or Ms. Hooker, you’ve lived your whole life with mean people mocking your silly name. Really – what could you do? If Mom and Dad were too proud or too dumb to change it before you were born, you went through grade after grade with kids laughing their asses off whenever your name was called – which probably was every day during ‘attendance.’

So you finally got out from under their cloud and started dating. If you were at least semi-intelligent and sober, wouldn’t you RUN from any potential mate who could make your goofy name sound even funnier than it did at roll call? And, despite all of this, some of you stubbornly insisted on HYPHENATING your names even though you must have known you would be rolling laugh riots to everyone you met.

Here are some engagement announcements. If these people even THINK about a hyphenated last name, you’ll know their combined IQ score could be beaten by any can of peas.

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