Would You Drive With Her?


From ABC-13: “A Rochester, New York woman was arrested twice for DWI within the span of three hours. Police say Catherine Butler, 26,  was driving without her headlights on after leaving a Halloween party early Saturday. Police pulled her over not far from the police department and determined she was driving drunk. After her arrest, a friend came to pick her up.

Less than three hours later, police say they arrested Butler again for driving drunk. Police say her blood alcohol level was .11 percent the first time and .09 percent the second time. Both above the legal limit of .08 percent. This wasn’t the first time Butler was arrested for DWI. According to police, this was the fourth time Butler has been busted for driving drunk.”

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Would You Sleep With Her?


Kaci Hickox, the Maine nurse who’s refusing to be quarantined after being exposed to Ebola, spent the night with her boyfriend last night.  It would seem that if he felt safe enough to have intimate relations with her, the rest of us should feel unthreatened by casual contact as she walks around.  So Kaci, what did you guys do? – we want all the details – maybe videos?

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