Women Can Vote But Still Lose Their Heads

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia granted women the right to vote last week although they still may be beheaded for adultery – and are not permitted to drive (Thank Allah!). In that country, women are strictly segregated at schools, restaurants and even lines at fast-food takeouts.  They must also have their faces covered in public.

Historians have noted that Abdulla, 87, may want to be remembered as a champion of reform despite being an absolute monarch for decades. There’s little chance of that since his government has promised women  rights before but changed it’s mind.  A more likely reason for reform is the “Arab Summer” which has toppled despots in Egypt and Libya.

I have a question.  On election day, if women are covering their faces at public polling places, who knows who really is voting and how many times?

Bush and King had an “oily” relationship.

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  1. Bill says:

    The Arab Spring is probably not the reason for this decision unless the king doesn’t know his history. It is precisely when despots ease up on their subjects that they lose their heads. Women in Saudi Arabia are little more than cattle. I suspect Hillary’s hand behind the scenes, as in–if you want us to keep our troops here to protect you, you’d better give me a little something I can take credit for with the women of the world.

  2. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    DEATH OF A PRINCESS was a very good article because even in a Kingdom fair is fair and women are -well they have good heads for a while sometimes. If she’s smart enough to go to college and find a loving boyfreind AND is the Kings favorite neice that boy gets a permanent chunk of rich bitch head to play with. At 4 yrs old she had a pre arranged marriage and by having a real relationship made with and education at a respectable age she pissed off all the Muslim Kings relatives bitches who told the king aulterers get their heads chopped off even if they are the Kings favorite princess. Can the King spit in Allahs face and get away with it. HELL NO!!
    But the story had a happy ending. The Saudi King went ahead and had his favorite princesses head chopped off in the public square with the other grown up four year old whores that brought disgrace on a grand King. Like Onama wants to be, and Bush was playing pattycake with. Do you really think we should get our soldiers killed fighting for ANYBODY our Presidents shake hands with? When I said we needed to drop our Daisy Cutters on the Middle East I DID NOT exclude Israel. Wipe out every weapons factory and airplane and electrical plant over there. The idea of killing them all and letting God Decide falsely attributed to Vietnam Vets if I wrote It would simply say-KILL THEM ALL. Then what’s left to decide?

  3. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    Oh Yeah-who voted?? let them cover their faces and have their pants off, Half the women will be men anyway. Vote and get an “I VOTED<" tag stapled to your labia or your foreskin. Hell-start doing that here!!

  4. That’s exactly what I was considering. It always pleasures me to find someone with the exact same idea that I have myself.

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