Why Vote? And Why Vote for OBAMA? (Part II)

For 40-years I refused to vote – except for Ross Perot – in 1992. I was his Upstate NY Campaign Spokesperson – and he was a trip. I really believed he represented the drastic change America needed. What about the rest of the candidates from the major parties for all that time? I refused to make a choice between TweedleDumb and TweedleDumber.

“If you don’t vote, you can’t complain….” prattled the common masses. Oh, bite my slice – is that in the Constitution?

There’s something many people can’t seem to grasp: in the vast scheme of things, the President has a lot less power than you might think. Our government was designed that way – and that’s good – especially when we get klunkers like Bush and Cheney.

To the rest of the world, our President is more of a symbol than a power. He represents our national philosophy – those things for which we stand. And to me, that’s got to change – and at the speed of lightning. Bush, and McSame, symbolize an America that no longer exists. An America of abundant wealth and unsurpassed power. An America that’s the ‘Freedom Cop’ of the world – the land of unlimited growth and opportunity!

That America is gone. We may be sorry it’s gone – and I’ll certainly miss parts of it – but let’s not waste time on national nostalgia. It’s time we stepped into the global future – stop meddling in other countries’ affairs – and focus on becoming economically strong again. The rest of the world is important to us because we need every country to become valuable trading partners. We basically need 2-things: a vibrant economy and a powerful DEFENSE not an offense. We’ve made terrorism WORSE by our international meddling. America must still be on guard but for chrissakes! – let’s stop picking fights with those who don’t share our philosophy!

So who’s American face do we want for a global future? There’s no real choice. On Thursday, Obama went to Berlin and 200, 000 people turned out. They were young – some waved American flags – and they were excited. They weren’t thinking of the wonderful America of history – they were searching for the face of America’s future.

So should we.


Tomorrow:  “A Tax on Stupid People”

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