Why People Don’t Like Republicans

Senator Asshat, Lindsay Graham

I like Republicans as much as I like Democrats which is not at all. But Republicans annoy me more because of their constant whining.  Most Americans see that as partisan sniveling by the party which lost the last election – and we don’t like sore losers.

Republican Senator Graham said he plans to delay Obama’s nominees for the Pentagon and CIA by putting a “hold” on the nominations.  A “hold” is a slimy procedural tactic that stops the Congress voting for – or against – the nominees.  Graham said he’s going to keep these votes back until Obama gives him more information about last September’s attack in Benghazi, Libya.

Traditionally, with rare exceptions, Congress has approved cabinet choices and has NOT used the process to grill a President.  Hell – Obama won the election, let him work with whom he chooses.

On Tuesday Obama will look all presidential making his State of the Union speech – and Republicans will look like bratty little kids who throw tantrums.

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