Another Reason I’m a Recovering Catholic


I got into a typical, intellectually-bereft discussion with a few catholics who had been brainwashed into their ‘abortion is wrong’ conclusion – but couldn’t think of the reasons why. I brought up at least five solid, immediate ways we could  end three-quarters of abortions (no one – including me – thinks abortions are a great choice) but they gave me a confused, “Priest didn’t talk about this” look. Sorry, Sheeple. Back to the fields.

Do you want to know one reason I DESPISE the catholic Church?

Did you ever meet my brother, Joseph? No? Neither did I. He was born one year before me in 1949. He was born ‘stillborn’. My parents were crushed. Can you possibly imagine scrimping and saving for a bassinet and baby clothes, getting the the room ready and all – and then trying to find or borrow money for a baby casket and funeral?

My Mom wanted to be a nun. Thankfully (for me) she changed her mind. But she never stopped being a traditional catholic and was sorry when the “mass” went from Latin to English. So was I. It didn’t make any sense in Latin – it made less sense when I learned what they were trying to say in English.

Anyway, my parents planned their little white-casket baby funeral BUT Joseph couldn’t be buried in a catholic cemetery BECA– USE HE WASN’T BAPTIZED. Now maybe they could have dumped him in the dirt just outside the fence (cremation then not being a catholic “choice” in those days) – or in the backyard – but not in “consecrated” ground.

More bad news followed: Joseph had no chance to go to “Heaven” – he had to go to “Limbo”. Not the dance – but the low rent housing projects halfway to Heaven where you didn’t get a golden trumpet, you got a plastic kazoo.

My Mom was crushed. She prayed and prayed – but still believed. Then came Vatican II in the early ’60’s and they ABOLISHED LIMBO! Say what? No Limbo? Did Joseph get an ‘E’ ticket (no-waiting-Disneyland) to heaven? Uhhhh….don’t know. Not quite clear. My Mother lived with that the rest of her life – and STILL believed in a game where they change the rules when your money is already on the table.

What’s that you say? Don’t I believe in the Pope, the Cardinals, the Robins, and the Pigeons? I sure DO! Just as much as I believe in Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Baker, Ernest Angely, and the late, Dr. Gene Scott.

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  1. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    The guy I did like was the guy who wrote THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING, whater his name was, I never read the book. I mean why bother? It’s in the title, think positive and you’ve got the power. But right before I left Rochester in my last freezing cold winter of icicles on my eyebrows I turned on the TV and that guy came on and asked some pretty good questions. like, “When was the last time you WALKED to church?” When was the last time you didn’t take your time to scrape the ice off the windshield of your bicycle, or wait for a bus, and just got out and walked, looked at the trees in the winter sky with the icy blue shining through the leaveless limbs and watch the animals and feel the world around you? When WAS the last time I did that? And I had to put on all my winter clothes to go outside, two pair of long johns, a T shirt, a thick plaid shirt buttoned all the way up under a sweater, with a old Army field jacket on over that and under a blue Navy Pea Coat with two pairs of gloves on, and i walked to the pretty granite church there off of Monroe ave in the Goodman st area, smiling and feeling the Lord touching me and thinking thank you old dude on TV for getting me out of the house today and feel God, even in this icy cold assed weather. I went up the stairs and into the Church, noticed there wasn’t any holy water, but nealt to say my prayer when i enterred. It was completely Holy. It really was one of the holiest moments of my life. Two big guys even ran over to help me stand up, kicked the front doors back open, and threw me down the steps. Oh yeah- that lying shit eating moneymaking TV evangelist holier than thow Norman Vincent peale, who forgot to tell me not to pray when i enter a church that didn’t have a gibberish speaking childmolester at the front. I HAD to quit going to catholic churches. The priest told me to say the whole rosary ten or twenty times every time I played with myself and I still haven’t finished that sentence yet. If I ran into that white haired old Irish cockamaimie Priest today I’d HAVE to ask him why he wanted to know how much I was pretending to be a priest anyway?

  2. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    But I AM a Catholic. I get the bible thrown at me every which way you can down here from people who wouldn’t help a cripple if he wasn’t praying with them. And they HATE Catholics, so I have to be catholic. It’s the way I think. I love to say, “Yeah I”M A CATHOLIC! BUT I’m a shitty Catholic. If you f**k with me I’ll kick the dogshit out of you!!” And, “Your damn right I can get drunk all week and sin all I want and still get forgiveness and go to heaven!” That REALLY ticks those drunken pentacostals off. They have to roll around on the floor and wait till church is over to get drunk again, and i could do it all I wanted.

  3. paolo. says:

    I just erased by accident 2 good comments from Steve and Bill and myself!
    There’s so much spam to pick through! Sorry, guys.

  4. amy stahl says:

    Can I request you write a Part 2 to this?
    I want mo!

  5. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    I hope my rant didn’t throw you off. I have actually seen anti catholic comic books published by one of these Southern Churches and Your reasoning for not going is about like mine, but that’s OUR decision, and the type of hate these people preach against us because of who our parents were have nothing to do with the catholic church. COMIC BOOKS!! showing drunken priests forcing poverty stricken mothers into prostitution to get their poor husbands burried, and to buy more whiskey for the laughing priest. And these people believe it, so I really am in a religious war with big haired women who have their husbands beat their kids to go to church. I despise religious nuts of all religions, I’m an equal oportunity lousy Catholic.

  6. amy stahl says:

    but thanks for the news on the rule about limbo.
    thats a load off my mind

  7. paolo. says:

    Oh, and Bill? (Again, sorry for the deletion) You said the was always “pro-life”? What would the Jews in WW II have said about that comment?

  8. paolo. says:


    New comment on your post #1998 “The catholic church is No Different”
    Author : Bill (IP:
    E-mail :
    “Thou shall not kill” pretty much sums up the anti-abortion stance. I disagree
    with them for a number of reasons and am firmly pro-choice, but I see no value
    in calling them names.

    This is your basic human dispute in which both sides are partly right and both
    sides partly wrong. Rather than waste time trying to convince the other side
    they are wrong with a capital W, it would be easier to argue that this issue
    does not belong in the public sphere—as in— it’s none of the government’s

    Incidently, I have friends who’ve had abortions in licensed medical facilities
    who have been offered the sacrament of baptism by the staff priest and could, if
    they wished, have the child buried in consecrated ground. It’s all just a bunch
    of mumbo jumbo to me, but you should know not all priests are child abusers and
    not all are alike; there really are some decent men among them.

    Joseph, if you really enjoy snowy epiphanies, why don’t you reconnect with
    Oswego? True, Nunzies, if it still exists, is closed in the winter, but there
    are enough other joints in town. On every block actually. Oswego is a
    snow-loving drinker’s paradise.

  9. paolo. says:


    New comment on your post #1998 “The catholic church is No Different”
    Author : Steve
    It’s a dramatized account, albei, very well researched and fact-based, but if
    you ever get a chance, read “The Family” by Mario Puzo.
    It’s about the Borgia Family, (the original crime family) specifically Rodrigio
    Borgio who became Pope (bought his way)…and his children (many, and not with
    just his wife) the two most notable being Cesare and Lucrezia (don’t drink any
    wine she gives you). It’s still debated on whether Lucrezia slept with her
    father and/or her brother. But the Pope had more than a few children outside of
    his marriage.
    Anyway…there’s no better illustration (I think)of how corrupt and what a sham
    the Catholic Church was, and is, and will continue to be.
    The Church, the CIA, FBI, the Mafia…I place all of these organizations in the
    same category. Really, I see no difference between any of them. They just claim
    to be on different sides.

  10. Steve says:

    FP, more of those Republican family values…hilarious.
    Can we now call him “Slick Sanford”?

    Contradicts Previous Confession

    This is as good as the “…but I didn’t inhale” line, isnt it?

    COLUMBIA, S.C. _ South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford says he “crossed lines” with a handful of women other than his mistress _ but never had sex with them.

  11. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    Bill, was there a Nunzies in ’66 or ’70? I think I missed that one. I do remember flipping my motorcycle and hopping on top of it somehow as it just slid and slid down an icy road sideways. Maybe that was from Nunzies because i don’t remember the name of the place and i remeber Bucklands and the Shaggy Patch and even knew Anthony from Anthony’s warehouse. That was a drinking town. What I miss is sitting on the rocks behind Scales hall watching lake Ontario and Huey Dewy and Louie. On a cool september day. I really do love N.Y. But those drinking days are long gone. When getting bombed for a night causes a three week hangover your just too old for it. But I would have graduated Oswego if the drinking age was 21. Oh I passed the courses but I didn’t know how to handle the world, and enlisted to find out the truth. And of course there are good priests, or else I wouldn’t have started a riot in the small town jail I found myself in (For drinking) where a minister was passing out those comic books of anti-catholic literature to a captive audience.
    And Steve- The catholic church didn’t always say that priests had to be celibate. A lot of missionaries wouldn’t have got the first word in if they didn’t take a wife. I really like what Earl Butz said about the Pope though- “He no-a playa da game-he no maka da rules.”

  12. Bill says:

    Joseph====== Scales Hall—-3rd floor. I lived there Sept 1966 through Dec 1967. Then I moved off campus. Nunzies was the place on the beach west of town. And I frequentd the other three joints you named quite often. VERY often. Sounds like our college experience was quite similar, and our paths probably crossed a lot. But we both survived.

  13. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    Bill!!WHO THE HELL ARE YOU??? Your one of my freinds. 1966 Scales hall the east side of the third floor. The ex marine- Rob? or Bob? was our RA, stood us up in formation at the beginning of the year and told us to look at the two guys on either side of us and said- “Next year one of you three won’t be here.” Do you remember? I went back to that floor in 1970 until they closed the college because of the Student strike. 1966 had Ray Pike, Mark Ordan Charlie Costa- my roomate. Tom Perkins- got laid on the center of the football field at midnite and we started an unauthorised fraternity of Freshman called the -Theyda Wanta Peta. TWP for Thomas W. perkins- if you could emulate him. I can’t remember everyones name but I remember the times- I’d just turned 18 and dad paid a guy just off campus with a warehouse a little money so I could park my Susuki 120 there. Glenn Quakenbush- always ready to get to Bucklands. Yes we survived. And what a journey. In the 3 years I was gone the State doubled the campus size and the large number of NYC gangster grant students that made the place unsafe. And the girls delicious wooden carving in the student Union from what-1908 or 9? If that RA hadn’t of told me about the large amount of money the VA gave him for college ($120 a month) and same with Pastor Lugo from Puerto Rico- I wouldn’t have enlisted when they made me 1-A i’d a have robbed a bank to stay in school. When i applied for the money the last time the VA (Finally admittedly) was losing peoples aplications on purpose to discourage us from going to school to save money. They said anyone with PTSD (which wsn’t named yet) was that way before they went to war and Audie Murphy jumped up and told them HE was addicted and had it and the VA was full of crap. I love Audie- look up his website and read his medal of honor citation- they couldn’t put it like it was in the Movie- The real story is just unbelieveable. And you could see in his eyes what very gentle person he was. He really wanted to die to get out of it and save his battalion. I don’t know of ANY Vietnam Vets that believe in the crap were doing now except Air Force fliers that weren’t in close support and slept in Air Conditioning. And bragged so much their own kids joined. Dumbasses.

  14. Bill says:

    Joseph, I was just around the corner in the south wing next to the stairs. I do remember Ray Pike and Ernie Lavigne (went to his wedding) from your wing. My roommates were Paul Reynolds and Doc Seubert. We played you guys in football, and I can remember the boxing matches some of you fellas had in the hall. You might have seen me walking around with a Gamma jacket.

    I’m real good with faces but terrible with names. If Ernie were still alive, I’m sure he could fill me in. Lost contact with Pike back in the 70s.

  15. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    Those were my Boxing gloves. Ray knocked my first tooth out. I managed to get ray’s e-mail through the alumni lady there a few years ago and we wrote a little, but he grew up, and was sad because another fellow Alan (can’t remember right now, wife had just died. I wote him something about the crazy days with Alan and either his secretary or wife probably read it, but he went back out of sight. Doc sounds familiar-I’m bad with names of folks I didn’t get plasterred with and can’t reckognise recent photos of guys I knew well in their 60’s now. There was a Black kid from NYC I think named kenny there who wanted to be a comedian and practiced his jokes- 1st to wear dress sneakers, etc. I always wonder if he wasn’t the Oswego schooled weatherman on the morning show. We had one guy that wanted to sing Opera, and had the voice, and another that was going int the priesthood and partying a lot before he had to stop. When I went back in the 70’s they thought I’d make a good roomate for the only non-radical pro war guy on the 3rd floor (I wanted to go back and got accepted and an early out of the Army so they knew they had a vet comeing) He woke me up 4-5 times a night with his bed shaking whipping wuillie and reading the BIBLE. Those begats and Knew’s really got him going. Too bad he had to move out of his own room so fast. The guy said he wanted to go to Vietnam, but he wore glasses so he couldn’t be a front line officer, and if he couldn’t be a front line officer he wouldn’t be giving the Army his best. He kind of flew out the door. The 3rd floor became the student communications center for the State of N.Y. durring the student strike after Kent State. They WERE radical, but not as radical as i was. Pike and the guys from our wing started their own Fraternity and had a fraternity off campus when I got back and we’d meet everyday after school for “Family hour” and get blasted and watch STAR TREK. I( did the backpack thing and hitch hiked from maine to Miami and carolina to california, when i hit Miami i got a job on a boat and worked my way around the carribean and then the Texas/La. oilfields, and got another year in at USL. a summer at USF. When I do grow up I’d like to go back and finish. If you go on the BHS website- NOT CLASSMATES- you can find class pictures and names and stuff from all the Rochester schools. Do you know Richard Shade Gardner?

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