Why Don’t People Trust Her?

* Travelgate (Clintons fired entire Whitehouse travel office),
* Whitewater (15 Clinton associates convicted of 40 federal crimes),
* Filegate (Clintons were investigated for improperly  receiving FBI background reports on other officials),
* Chinagate (Justice Department investigated Clinton campaign fundraising abuses by China to influence US politics,) 
* Pardongate (Bill Clinton pardoned billionaire Marc Rich – who funneled millions into Hillary’s senate campaign.)
* Benghazi and her “e-mail” investigation.
* Cattlegate (Hillary’s first-ever $1,000 trade in cattle futures netted her a $100,000 gain).

* FLIP-FLOPS on 7-MAJOR Issues (Whichever way the Poll Winds Blow)

* Her continuing support and instigation (Libya) of the 15-year, Mideast War.

HILLY SCANDALS: https://www.google.com/

NY Dems: considering voting for Hilly in Tuesday’s primary?  GO TO HILL!

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