Why Does The Media Hate trump?


Because they’re being forced to help him win the Presidency.

Many people forget trump ran for President in 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2012. These trial-balloon attempts were lame jokes fueled by his massive ego, his paranoid “birther” beliefs, and probably a desire to boost his television show.  He’s still a joke but this FIFTH run is deadly serious. And the media is largely responsible for it.



trump is good television which means good ratings which mean higher network revenue. And the mad scramble for media dollars is more fiercely fought today than it ever was.

Since the average politician is just a boring piece of shit, an outstanding turd like trump with his outrageous statements and simpleton ideas excites the viewing public. They’d love to understand the world in superficial terms with obvious problems and clear, definite solutions – just like shows end on TV! (“Duuh, a big wall will keep out illegal aliens and drugs…”) 

The public’s general ignorance and fears are verbalized by trump who then throws up easily-understandable bromides to make “America great again.” He knows it’s horseshit.  The media knows it’s horseshit and they’re being manipulated – but now they must seriously cover his babble because he’ll be the Republican nominee.  They hate the fact they help put him there.

Good television makes good ratings – but lousy government.

How many times has trump run for President? https://www.google.com/

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  1. The congressmen and women that jump up for the other parties candidate but kept their mouths shut until the last minute clearly identify that their voters do not run either party. The plague cured the world of too many people for too little food and no idle time to educate and think, when this kind of stuff began to rip apart the Roman Empire. I don’t think oligarchy is the right word anymore than Democracy defined a republic. Reagan’s EVIL EMPIRE VS an empire built out of what you get when you do away with the Citizen soldier. And have a military made up of entirely career minded professionals who won’t object when they are hired by the country whose people and who’s money paid for their training that blew up the city that ignited the war. If nobody uses the bomb again but everybody has them the “empires,” could go back to fighting wars with “Silver Bullets,” as the Chinese warlords used to say. When the rich knew they couldn’t win they made a deal with the rich from the other warlord about who would win and who would loses the war before they had one and all the rich stayed rich and the poor stayed poor. They’d take a bunch of peons somewhere and do a lot of shooting, kill some poor bastards, and change rulers. OR the world might find out why MARS looks like it used to have rivers and water and life. To me it is painfully obvious how Trump could get Mexico to build the wall And pay for it. Build the wall on the Mexican side and with a treaty stipulate that the davis-Bacon prevailing wage law apply, and hire the Mexicans that are coming up here for better pay to build it, and pay the Mexican government to Apply Davis bacon (Bribe them.) And legalize every kind of drug like it was before Harry Anslinger- a Fed Agent about to become unemployed- talked Washington into creating the DEA. Made him the head of it. All drugs were legal when my Grandfather opened the first Drug Store in Brighton when that town was a big dairy farm before Kodak. My Dad said he started helping my Grandfather fill prescriptions when he was 9- about 1918- and Cannabis came powderred in a jar and the Doctors prescribed it to be made into a tea-X many spoonfuls to a cup. I met a 93 year old guy with white hair and a short pigtail in line at the drugstore, and his brain was still sharp as a tack. I asked him how did he manage to keep his wits about him and look so healthy at 93. HE said, “Drugs.” It’s kind of like the sooner you get sick with something the longer they have to find a cure.

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