Why Aren’t Gun Owners Denouncing Letters?

"Look - another one from a typical gun-owner."

I know many people who are against more anti-gun legislation. They might write a letter-to-the-editor but they would never even consider sending a poison letter to a public official. Of course one wacko did.  He sent letters that contained threats and ricin to Mayor Bloomberg of New York City and another to a lobbyist who works on his gun control campaign.

So why don’t we hear gun legislation opponents condemning this attack? Why aren’t responsible gun owners on the media loudly declaring ‘we oppose gun control legislation but we believe acts like this are horrific. This nut does not represent gun owners!’

These are some of the same people who scream that Muslims should be everywhere denouncing terrorist attacks even though they are as far removed from terrorists as responsible gun owners are from this nitwit.

Swim in hypocrisy much?

I wrote more about this before:


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