Who Can Help Me With The Math?

Cobleskill, NY yesterday

The cost of our wars in the last 10-years is estimated at $3.7 TRILLION DOLLARS and rising faster than Hurricane Irene’s floods.  The estimated, “shocking” costs of cleaning up and repairing the devastation is $7 BILLION DOLLARS.

I know it takes 1000 Billion to make a Trillion – so we’ve spent $3-Thousand Seven Hundred Billion on a decade of wars.  If we divide that by ten (years), the average yearly cost would be $3 Hundred Billion (rounding down), right? $300,000,000,000 divided by 365 days is $821,917,808 per day – for war.  So $7-Billion of Irene cleanup costs could be paid for in about 10-days of war costs.  Is this right?


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  1. Bill says:

    Yes Frank; however, war is our most important product. Keep your eye on the ball, boy. Or maybe you’re not a true American patriot? Those peckerwoods in Cobleskill probably PLANNED to be flooded just so they could soak the rest of us hard-working Americans and sit on their fat, lazy behinds.

  2. FUBLO says:

    A slightly simpler bit of mental arithmetic:

    10 years = 10×365 days = 3,650 days. (Ok, ok, add in two or three leap days if you insist.)

    That means that 10 years is pretty much 3,700 days. If we’ve spent 3,700 billion dollars in that time, that amount s to $1Billion per day. We can pay off a $7Billion Irene tab in exactly a week.

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