Where In The Constitution Does It Say …

"America's ready to fight with you Muslix!"

… that a war-loving, pot-bellied, short-tempered, US Senator can go to another war-torn Mideast sovereign nation and stick America’s nose into the conflict? What happened to the President and Secretary of State?

Are the Syrians attacking our country?  Are they dropping bombs over Kansas towns or shooting at our ships? Do we know a good Muslim from a bad one – and for our sakes, what the hell’s the difference anyway?

Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) never met a war he didn’t like. He visited Libya before we jumped into that conflict and has given undying support to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  He was overly bellicose on Iran developing a nuclear weapon, North Korea shooting a few into the sea, and pushing us to choose the wrong side in Egypt.

A U.S. Senate panel, with McCain leading the charge, voted to send weapons to rebels fighting the Syrian government. The Pentagon isn’t so sure.  It fear’s Syria has the ability to shoot down enemy aircraft with surface-to-air missiles, particularly in a sustained campaign.  Exactly what would we do then?

Americans are tired of these Mideast Muslim wars which have been going on for thousands of years without us.  They’ll continue to go on after we leave – just like Iraq and Afghanistan. The only big difference is another round of American body bags and $Trillions of dollars wasted.  McCain can’t see it though.  When you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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