Where Do We Draw The Tan-Line?

(1st appeared a few years ago) 

An emaciated anorexic looks in the mirror and really sees herself as fat. Her body’s not the problem of course – it’s her mind

Patricia Krentcil looks in the mirror and thinks she should be more tan.  Obviously her brain got baked in tanning salons because she’s as dark as a white girl is going to get.

There’s no law against being mentally ill – unless you endanger others.  Unfortunately, that’s what Ms. Krentcil did when she brought her six-year old daughter to the tanning salon.  The fair-skinned child got a minor sunburn.  When the police heard about it, they immediately arrested the Mom for child endangerment.

Ms. Krentcil said it was all a mistake and the girl didn’t even get in the tanning bed with her.  This might well be true (“Hey kid, you’re blocking my rays!”) but it certainly should be investigated.

It would be easy to jump on the woman’s case and say she’s a lousy mother – but that’s assuming she’s sane with a dark eccentricity.  I think it’s more likely Ms. Krentcil has some psychological problems which should be addressed immediately by mental health professionals.  And her 5-kids should stay in the dark until it’s all figured out.

Update- Drunk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITVt-KSL0U

<> XL Cabaret on August 29, 2012 in New York City.

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