Where Do I Sign?

The Inauguration is over – and now the work begins. The country isn’t going to fix itself and Obama doesn’t have any magic wands. But he does have one huge gift: an ability to inspire. How do I know?

Because he’s inspired me.

I would now like to give blocks of my time to anywhere in Rochester where I can be of help. Let’s start with 10-hours of volunteer time and see where it goes. I can teach people to deliver presentations, help them with interviewing skills, write just about anything, or mop floors. This time isn’t a gift – it’s a small contribution to the cause of America.

In the spirit of  us coming together, I would be especially interested in working with Veterans’ groups. I have been a very vocal anti-war advocate for many years and some people have suggested that’s disrespectful to our troops. That’s baloney – there are few people I respect more.

So there’s my offer to volunteer. Please ‘e’ me at: fpaolo1@rochester.rr.com.

How may I be of service?



3 Responses to “Where Do I Sign?”

  1. Anna says:

    Hey Frank! Hope things are well over at my old stomping grounds.

    I find your initiative to voluneer very moving, especially since you’ve been so critical of our politicians. Now if only everyone took the time to volunteer, we as individuals may actually be able to do more good as a whole than any single government. A unique idea, eh?


  2. paolo. says:

    Joseph – you never know what (or who) your words can move.

  3. Blogink says:

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