What’s Your Bag?


A friend of mine recently started a “bag” business.  She makes all kinds of bags like handbags, laundry bags, draft-stopper door bags, button bags, and arm bags.  They’re all made with quality, creativity, and love.  The price is right and  shipping is free.  Check them out at:  http://thebagladyofrochester.com/

One Response to “What’s Your Bag?”

  1. Thank you Frank and for your followers I just want to give an 10% discount.
    Just mention Frank in your shopping cart when asked for an coupon code .
    if it is not there yet I am working on it. as my site is a work in progress I am updating every day so keep eye out for new stuff and features as I get them going.

    Thanks again Frank,
    Love and Peace to all
    Rhonda Hastings
    The Bag Lady of Rochester

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