“What street is this?”


Lots of signs at “The Coolest Spot in Virtual Rochester” http://www.therefrigerator.net/

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14 Responses to ““What street is this?””

  1. Steve says:

    “Abbott, that’s what I’m asking you, Watt St.?”
    “So, go ahead and tell me”
    “Watt St.”
    “The street your’e talking about”
    “The name of the street”
    I mean the name of the street, what street are you talking about?”
    “Watt…Watt St. it’s on Watt St.”

    Man, I am so done with the D&C for awhile…sisroc likes to listen to himself talk a little too much and he’s literally taken the page over.

  2. Brenda says:

    Yeah Steve, I haven’t had the time to hang out at the d & c much lately. It seems like I’ve been missing a whole lot of stupidity:) Darn…

    I think its better just commenting on a couple of the more “mature” blog posts like Franco’s.

  3. Ventego says:

    I added your blog to bookmarks. And i’ll read your articles more often!

  4. Frank Paolo says:

    As you may have noticed, I have been commenting less and less in the D&C Opinion pages except for the ‘Blogs’ section. It’s not fun anymore and when they allow a poster to use the avatar ‘Racist Bigot’ the paper is bending over backwards (or forward) for neo-nasties.

  5. Brenda says:

    who’s avatar is “racist bigot?” They allow that, yet they are censoring some of your blogs? WTF???

  6. Steve says:

    it certainly does seem that they are going out of their way to give the righties their say. For such a “liberal rag” it has quite a large and devoted conservative readership.

  7. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    Wow. And to think failing newspapers are probably going to be getting stimulus payoffs, I mean money.

  8. Paul says:

    I’m guessing that’s Elmwood Avenue.

  9. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    No I don’t think It’s Elmwood. I think it’s just the corner of Elmwood and Elmwood, where Elmwood meets. I used to live near Elmwood and the tree on it didn’t look like that. I think it’s a red light. The one you get lost looking for when people tell you to go to the red light and turn left, and you can’t turn left at a red light.

  10. Warrior says:

    “it certainly does seem that they are going out of their way to give the righties their say”

    Then why did they pull quadrangle’s entire blog?

  11. Frank Paolo says:

    What!? I didn’t see that! I’ll drop Quad a line today to see what he thinks. Sometimes he’s on the “Recommended” list. Although I’ve been on that a few times, the selection process is pretty mysterious. I think it has something to do with phases of the moon.

  12. Steve says:

    Didn’t know they pulled quad’s blog.
    sisroc pretty much dominates that page…unfirtunately. His strategy seems to be to just basically shout down anyone who disagrees with him.

  13. Frank Paolo says:

    I got an e-ply from Quad today. He didn’t even know it was taken down!

    sisroc DOES dominate that page in quantity but not in quality. I’ve stopped reading his stuff (and the “Dad Knows Best” guy) because they post too much. It seems very arrogant to assume readers want to see your little mind burps any more than say once a week.

    Adding in the cow babbles and that faux professor, we have a “Recommended Blogs’ list comprised of 7 out of 10 right-leaners. And they STILL bitch the D&C is a liberal “rag”.

    Kids – if you can’t appreciate what you have at least be thankful you don’t get what you deserve!

  14. Warrior says:

    But the D&C IS a liberal rag.

    The only reason they let the hoi polloi go wild with blogs is because the D&C will be extinct if they don’t attract more people to their website. Newspapers on dead tree are going extinct.

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