What is, “Help, Help.”?

A RECYCLED PRESENTATION – 1st Posted on February 27, 2008

Art Fleming passed away. Do your remember him? He was the original host of Jeopardy from 1964 through 1975. I always liked him better than the priggish Alex Trabeck. Anyway Art had a heart attack near his home in Coral Gables, Florida. As he called for help from the sidewalk, many people just ignored him and walked by. Apparently he didn’t phrase his plea in the form of a question.


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3 Responses to “What is, “Help, Help.”?”

  1. Rich Gardner says:

    What is “Hysterically disprespectful!”

  2. amy stahl says:

    Ray Combs.

  3. Johnny Gee says:

    Ray Combs wife was sent a $25, 000 check from Johnny Carson when Ray died by suicide. Johnny gave Ray his big break as a comedian on The Tonight Show. That, s a man.

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