What If Jesus Marched That Day?


I don’t hate haters. Friends have wondered if I hate people who are militant anti-abortion protesters, racists, or anti-gay activists. I don’t hate anyone. Hatred is ugly; it’s based in ignorance, fear, anger, and intolerance. Although every person has those emotions at times – civilized people do their best to control them. Why do I feel so strongly about this? J. and her daughter are one reason:

J. is a woman who’s had a life that’s “colorful”. She came from a broken home – in a small town – became a “dancer” in the city – and took a dive into a world of drugs and decadence. Today she’s beautiful at 45 – when she was 20, she was stunning. You don’t need a calculator to figure out that sex, drugs, money, and a beautiful woman are going to add up to trouble. J. was racing a Corvette-of-a-life towards an abyss-of-death. Until her daughter was born.

J. quickly gave up drugs, dancing, easy money, and dedicated her life to that child. She bought a small house so her daughter could have the security she never had growing up. She took a series of mundane jobs that were respectable – but paid about as much in a week as she used to snort up her nose in a night. It didn’t matter. Her child could honestly say ‘Mom is a 911 Operator’ instead of ‘Mom is a stripper’. J. had every middle class American dream for her daughter – especially the one about a beautiful bride in white, happily walking down the aisle, and giving her wonderful grandchildren.

But that dream exploded when her daughter told her she was gay. “Say what? Gay? GAY!?!”

Did J. immediately resign herself to that fact and accept her daughter’s sexual preference? Like hell – she was DEVASTATED. She cried and prayed and denied it and begged her daughter to seek “help” and prayed some more. She tried that sad route for YEARS! But in the end – it didn’t matter. Water is wet – the sky is blue – some people are gay. You can pound the ground all you want but in the end – it really doesn’t matter much – that’s just the way it is. Finally J. accepted what she could not change. To express her love and acceptance of her daughter, she agreed to march with her in a Gay Pride Parade.

“Franco,” she said, “I was shocked! We walked by a group of militant Christian activists who – pointed their fingers at us and started chanting ‘You’re going to hell! You’re going to hell!’. There was hate POURING out of their eyes and mouths!”

“I was overwhelmed! I felt angry and afraid and very protective of my daughter when she grabbed my arm in near-terror. And then a strange thing happened. I immediately calmed down and started saying, ‘I love you’ to the protesters. I don’t know why I did it. I just kept making eye contact with every one of those poor people and kept repeating, ‘I love you,’ ‘I love you.’ But that seemed to make them angrier still! We finally finished the parade and I knew those people brought my daughter and me even closer.”

When J. finished her story, I had a strange thought. I wondered what if Jesus walked in that Gay Pride Day parade and passed those protesters? Would He thank them? Would He be angry? Would He be embarrassed that some people use His name to hate? Does Jesus ever get embarrassed?

I told this story and my strange thought to a friend who’s a believer. She just shook her head and looked at me like I was an imbecile.

“He was there, Franco,” she said. “Why on earth do you think J. answered hate with love?”


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  1. Brenda says:

    Thanks Paolo for highlighting the blog. I am grateful you did so. I agree with your friend. Jesus was there that day and he is all about love, never hate:) It is funny, but your blog isn’t what you expected it would be. My husband, his friend, and I were out for drinks tonight and we were talking about some people thinking interracial marriages were wrong because they think that is what the Bible says. What an absolute crock!!! I am 100% convinced God is the reason I am blessed with my husband. It is a shame people use God as an excuse to hate and judge.

  2. Bill says:

    Christians have often done nasty things because they “loved” their victims. And sometimes it’s sincere. When the Church tortured and executed people in the Middle Ages, she honestly felt she was saving their immortal souls. The jerks on that parade route no doubt regard themselves as followers of Christ, love the people in the parade, and hope to make the gays see the error of their ways and be right with God again.

    Demented? You bet, but they will never see it that way.

    Religious enthusiasm. It’s a dangerous thing.

  3. Oh Poop. We aren’t born to hate we are trained to. A Rocket knocked over four buildings in one of our batteries (Companies in Artillery) and a guy that crawled into a tangled mess of falling crap to pull a shrapnell filled man out and a boss and a freind to me turned out to be gay. I seriously doubt that the wounded man could have cared less what the guy who pulled him out durring an attack did with himself for five minutes a day. 30 years later I needed his help and got it. I don’t like the idea of our high school having the ACLU dictate it has to have a gay club or no football team. And a heroin addict in Long Bien told me after he snuck way far back into a good hiding place to catch a buzz at night, a sentry dog handler didn’t sneak quite as far back to make love to his dog, but it was a no see no tell situation. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t get stoned, or something like that. Some people just have to feel more important than another or as the Beatles said, “Everybody needs someone, to look down on.” I just hate people that hate people.

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