Whatever Happened to Limbo?


Limbo Dance


Clara LimBow


Limbo Tie


Rush Limbo

5 Responses to “Whatever Happened to Limbo?”

  1. paolo. says:

    My twin, Amy, won the “Miss Limbo Forever” Competition at Boonserville Junior High in 1987. Unfortunately, she was disqualified. Apparently you had to wear underwear if you wore a dress and were a contestant.

  2. amy stahl says:

    I was soo good at that limbo in rollerskates once upon a time.

  3. amy stahl says:

    we are so damn connected.
    holy shit. Right at the same time.
    love you

  4. Brenda says:

    Cute blog post Franco!

    I’ve thought about starting my own talk show in opposition to Rush Limbo. I thought maybe I could play the far left extremist. Blow shit out of my mouth and compete with him for listeners. I mean really how hard is it to talk real loud and be stupid. Who’d a thought it could make one a fortune.

    After thinking about it for a nano second, I’d rather be poor and intelligent than stupid and rich.

  5. Bill says:

    Rush is a horse’s ass, but he is most definitely not stupid. I’m not sure he even believes some of the stuff he says, but he has figured out how to make a ton of money.

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