What Could Go Wrong?


Death and Taxes magazine:  “An anti-Muslim protest being held in front of an Arizona mosque is insisting it is “peaceful” despite selling t-shirts proclaiming “Fuck Islam” and encouraging attendees to bring guns to the event. The protest will also hold a “Draw Muhammed” cartoon contest, much like the one organized earlier this month in Garland, Texas, by anti-Muslim hate group American Freedom Defense Initiative President Pamela Geller, where two extremists were shot dead after opening fire on the event.”  Read more:  www.deathandtaxesmag.com

The sad fact about these anti-Muslim groups (besides not being blessed with an abundance of IQ points) is their fear.  They really think Islam is going to take over the United States and enforce sharia law. 
All hate groups are motivated by fear.  Fear of gays, communists, blacks, or whatever minority threatens them at the moment.  I’m happy they have the freedom to express their beliefs – and I’m also happy to have the freedom to call them paranoid assholes.

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