What Are The Chances?

Don't give me that shit.

Don’t give me that shit.

For a few hours this morning, computer systems crashed at United Airlines, The New York Stock Exchange, and the Wall Street Journal.  Administration officials said this was not the work of hackers or terrorists – just an odd coincidence. Right. I don’t believe them.

Three years ago on September 11th, our embassy in Benghazi, Libya came under attack and our ambassador, Chris Stevens, was murdered.  Administraton officials said it was an anti-American demonstration that “got out of hand” – not an attack.  A few days later the promised “most transparent administration in history” had to admit it was an attack. They knew right away but Obama and the truth were not on speaking terms.

There’s more than coincidence here. I believe there’s a better chance that today’s crashes are connected than Obama is telling the truth.

‘You Can’t Reason With Rabid Dogs’:  https://presentationsunplugged.com/blog/blog

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