What America Teaches Kids About Sex:

“Sex is a dirty, shameful thing. Make sure you
save it for someone you love. Any questions?”

2 Responses to “What America Teaches Kids About Sex:”

  1. Joe Bele-Isle says:

    Customer: “I said Frogs Legs, NOT frogs eggs!!”
    Waiter: “HELL!! So long as they are round and nasty it’s caviar to an American. Just make sure you don’t order at the fertility clinic.”

  2. Joe Bele-Isle says:

    So your big Sis was taught about reproduction in class today. By a prudent teacher determined to stay out of trouble. She learned that if you cut a worm in half you will end up with two worms somehow and now she wants another baby brother.
    Aren’t you lucky you woke up just in time to catch her putting your nasty in between the blades of the vine clipper.

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