What About MRS. Carlos Danger* ?

In the most recent Carlos Dangerfield episode, people have been babbling about Anthony Weiner’s wife: – how pathetic – a weak woman clinging on to someone who doesn’t love her – being used and abused in public, blah, blah, blah.  I think that’s all horseshit.  It’s also an indication of how superficial America is.

Has anyone considered that Ms. Weiner might NOT EVEN CARE what Tony Baloney does sexually? He may even have her permission! I’m sure this smart, professional woman wishes she had a more intelligent, less-embarrassing husband but that surely doesn’t mean they have a traditional, Norman Rockwell marriage.

Many people have non-traditional marriages.  We just don’t know about them.  This one may be based on companionship, a deep feeling that their kids should have a Mother and Dad, or even (hear me, Hillary?) political expediency.  We don’t know if Ms. Weiner has a more important, mutually agreed-upon lover to whom she turns for love and physical intimacy.  Actually, I hope she does.  But do you know what?


* “Carlos Danger” is the ridiculous name Anthony Weiner used for his electronic, sexual escapades.

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