We’ve Got “Talent” and We Don’t Care


I don’t pretend to understand all the issues around Obama’s national health care plan. Sounds like a great idea if we could afford it – which we can’t. But we always seem to be able to find the money for a new war misadventure.  Hey, maybe the President got a call from Iraq saying they’re paying us back a few hundred billion for helping them out. Right.

Anyway, Obama’s address to the nation was going to start at 9:00 pm EST like they always do. But the networks balked at blowing all of that prime time commercial space over something as trivial as national health care.  Especially NBC -which protected viewers from switching hours for its hit show “America’s Got Talent”.  Of course 8:00 pm in Washington means 5:00 pm on the West Coast – right when most people are getting out of work.

But really, who cares?  California is broke and has already given us enough health advice to last into the next century.  Washington State and Oregon?  I think we sold them to Canada – it doesn’t matter – at least we’re flush with “reality” shows.  So look at the bright side: in the future if you’ve got some disease that’s killing you because you couldn’t afford health care, you can still watch quality television programming to take your mind off the pain.

Do I think America’s priorities are due to ignorance or apathy?  I don’t know and I don’t care.

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  1. Bill says:

    We pay an average of $6000 more per year per person for health care than other advanced nations do, and we get inferior results. It’s not so much a matter of coming up with tons of money as it is rearranging the furniture.

    Showing the news conferences on one major network should be sufficient, and they could rotate the designated network. People would be free to watch or not as they prefer. Those who don’t want to watch don’t get anything out of the presentations anyway.

  2. Steve says:

    ignorance or apathy? A little bit of both, but a bit more because of ignorance, because I don’t think most Americans even know the difference, or what apathy even means: – )

    “Uh, yeah, that’s it, I got me that whaddyacallthere, apathy”

  3. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    I listened to some of it. It seemed like wishy washy mumbo jumbo we can get the money if we cut corners and even though i hgave away 800 billion I saved you 600 billion by doing so. WHAT??? Like i said, I listenned for just long enough to know whatever he was talking about was so important he couldn’t explain it ewell enough for us to understand. I don’t want anything that comes from a guy with a a Indianna boy scout merrit badge for lying. I don’t know what he wants, and the scarey part is he doesn’t know what he wants. Besides blaming bush for everything for the next four years. I know I did see a photo of the American first lady giving the french first lady a good old southern WHITE hate stare. Blacks have been treated equally since before WWI in France. They don’t even know what a hate stare is- its all American and comes from blacks and whites. But nowadays mostly from the Ghettos and Our presidents preacher.

  4. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    Bill are you saying let one network tape, or all of them tape it, and let anyone that thinks they can figure it out watch it after the good shows are off, if there are any good shows?

  5. Frank Paolo says:

    Hello, Joe –

    I agree that there is more black racism than white racism but there’s a big difference: how does black racism hurt anything but your feelings? There is still a power structure in this country that’s made up of old, white, establishment men. They run just about everything in politics, business, and the military-industrial complex against which Eisenhauer warned us in 1960.

    How many blacks do you think were in the Skull&Bones club like Bushes, Buckleys, Rockefellers, etc. In the old days it was people like John McCone and the Dulles brothers and virtually every sitting board member of the Fed Reserve. JFK was an exception. He went the other way and hooked up with a different kind of power – and look what happened to him.

    The Bohemian Club? Bank Boards of Directors? The power structure is STILL old white establishment men – and that’s not going to change. Obama is a fluke but how much power do you think he REALLY has compared to the President of the World Bank and Chinese Mega-Bankers?

  6. Frank Paolo says:


    ALL the major networks are leaned on to participate and not go to a rotation method because of rating wars and money. It could never be “fair”. And you can bet if a major network refused this “honor”, the FCC would be at their door within hours “checking” the legitimacy of their licenses.

    The nitwits have zillions of cable channels to watch, or movie DVDs and electronic games.

  7. Brenda says:

    Franco, I agree with you regarding the power structure. There was a great political cartoon on D&C the other day. It showed a bunch of older white congressman grilling Sotomayor saying something like “how can we be sure you won’t be biased?” I thought the cartoon said a lot. It really irks me to hear a white man cry about being discriminated against throwing out the reverse racism rant. Don’t get me wrong, I deplore discrimination and don’t think it is right regardless of who it comes from. Honestly, I don’t think a lot of white man truly understand the leg up they have from the minute they are born just because of their skin color. Joe when you say something like a good old “southern white hate stare”, I am not quite sure where you are coming from. Even if was true, do you think that compares to having your citizenship questioned even though one’s mother was American. Does her citizenship not transfer to her child? If not, then why? Is it because she is a woman? What about the fear tactic used to imply our president is a Muslim? Is being a Muslim a bad thing even though he is clearly Christian. It was a Bible he placed his hand on was it not? Like I said isn’t it discriminating to look down upon someone or try to make them out to be undesirable simply because of their religion. What I really think is some people don’t want to look deep into their subconcious and see the truth. They don’t like Obama or his wife because they are black, but it is really taboo to say such things these day so they disguise it with things like Muslim and he isn’t American. We all know black Americans are a bunch of ghetto, drug dealing, gang banging thugs. This man is educated (more educated than most white men!), world traveled, handsome, and he speaks so smoothly he must be a fraud right? Well to me he seems like normal MAN, a successful one, but his priorities seem to be straight to me. The love for his wife and children is glaringly obvious. His family values seem to be pretty healthy. I truly believe he wants what is best for ALL citizens of our country. You might not agree with how he gets to that with his policy, but he wants to be good leader who does right by the citizens. He’s not trying to be king or a dictator.

  8. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    The thing about birth and religion has more to do-as far as i’m concerned- whith whethere or not a lie was told. “A good old southern hate stare” is something I have not seen in the south in over 30 years, at least. But I have been attacked and robbed and the only white guy in a race riot in Vietnam. I was all for Obama, but i thought that was the look of love in their eyes when they were danceing, not victory over the masses, black and white Americans. Have you seen the photo I was referring to. Michelle Obama was not giving that hate stare to an American white, but a clearly non predjudiced French first lady and that doesn’t look like anything but American Arrogance, at a Memmorial for the dead, the only one dressed in all white, from a woman who chooses her clothes carefully. I don’t know what it means but I write people in foreign countries also, and for the first time many foreigners are afraid- for us. We need to fire every congressman and representative in Washington to clean the nest of thieves and scum out. The lobbyists pay both parties and no one represents Americans anymore. These people talk in sums of money that none of us can understand, saying “Trust ME! I know what to do.” Homeland security says that the American veteran is a greater threat to America than Al Quaada is- quote janet Napolitano. Frank did you ever hear of a pill called Marinol? I need a bottle of them. It’s time to legalize and tax green, that would lower it’s price and cure the economy.

  9. Frank Paolo says:

    Interesting discussion by two smart people.

    Joe – isn’t Marinol legal THC – as found in weed? I hear it sucks compared to the real stuff.

    Of COURSE legalize pot! It would have to be state-by-state but California is an excellent place to begin. They have the most big-time growers and they have the biggest debt

    BTW – if the gov’t gets involved, you think the price will be LOWER? What have YOU been smoking? (Hope you’re laughing).

  10. Frank Paolo says:

    Not a criticism but if both of you could break your responses into paragraphs, dumb readers like me could understand them more.

  11. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    And there was a really dirty blog on the net the other day with a pic O the presidents 11 year old daughter wearing a peace sign T shirt- a peace sig- like the peace sign my 90 yr. old Aunt whose husband and brothers fought in WWII. My 90 yr old aunt is proud to wear hers, she never meant it to be an insult to soldiers but a strong objection from a member of the WWII generation against a worthless war. Comments posted on a pic of an 11 yr old girl were way out of taste and just plain dirty. because she wore a peace sign. The grunts came in from the field in love beads with the peace sign on their helmuts and some real neat ones around their neck. I asked one where he got it and he got mad and said, “YOU don’t even know what it means!” I wonderred about that comment for years until I found out the joke the VC had pulled on all of us, but the guys who found the underground forts. The Peace sign is the diagram of an undergound tunnel complex with escape holes and machine gun positions and exits all around it. Put at the edge of the jungle while our guys charged past them into the jungle looking for them. Our Presidents daughter has the right to hope for peace and so does my old aunt. The first to protest Vietnam were the WWII vets with good political sence and morals, and race riots stopped when shrapnel started flying. Guys who wanted to kick my butt hugged me. The civilian Dr. I trust to read the exam results from the VA is a Black Dr. He doesn’t get TOLD what to tell me. And he’s a nice guy. The dermatologist that found a cancer on my hand was so into telling my wife wht to do about dandruff he forgot to tell me I had cancer. That’s a government run healthcare system, the best in the world according to Senator Akaka the man in charge and eligible to use it. But he doesn’t.

  12. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    Frank you must be gettin Bunk. My Mom in Law was howling her first night in a nursing home she ASKED to go to to be near her hubby and then found out she couldn’t go near him because he was real contagious. One of thos e pills and zombiland.

  13. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    I just have to try this paragraph idea on your blog. Most won’t let you drop a line and indent.

    Well I’ll be dogged.

    It’s too bad my brain doesn’t have paragraphs in it. AND a nurse from a nuthouse told me about those “Merry pills” she called them, and she said they made her very merry. I have a small collapsed spot on my lung making smoking it a bad idea, My Grandpa sold it in powderred form in his Pharmacy before Anslinger created himself a permanent job like Napolitano- sith directions from the Dr. on how to make tea out of it. The VA wiped my memory- gave me amnesia actually still affecting me by giving me prozac under the generic name- “Supposed to help my sex life, even” the dr said as it chemicly sterilized me. So the VA medical Dr gave me enough testosterone, that when mixed with an unstable drug like prozac can make you crazy enough to kill. They decreased the testosterone to every three weeks but changed it to every four weeks (Your body stops making it after the first shot) and actually mail it every 6 weeks. I can barely find my testicles. That’s the plan they want to copie for the masses. The VA works so good. Seeing a Dr. for a total of an hour per year is just freaking great care. “We’ll change this and see how it works!” make an apointment for next year. The dermatologist/oncologist did a biopsy on my hand and spent his half hour talking to my wife about my dandruff- actually a form of lupus that causes exema and seborreah because of the blood thinner HCTZ- he did’t mention that, just gave me some coal tar stuff to put in my hair, and forgot to tell me I had a cancer. But I got a nice tube of tar for my hair.

    Shoot, that was probably 2 paragraphs.

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