Wednesday is a Scaredy Cat


Wednesday the Cat doesn’t have a brave bone in her body. If there was a war among all the pets in Manhattan Square, Wednesday would be the first to surrender. Even the goldfish would fight longer.

Since there’s nothing to be afraid of in my apartment, her fear is pathetic – but a little funny too. She’s like a miniature version of the Cowardly Lion, whining her fear to me or her sister Tuesday. When she does this (at least once a day) I always pick her up and talk to her softly. Tuesday just ignores her. I really think she’s a little embarrassed for Wednesday so she pretends not to pay attention.

Wednesday has many secret hiding places but she most often crawls under the black comforter – not moving – hardly breathing – until she falls asleep. I try to tell her it’s really a dumb hiding place because anyone walking by can see a big, cat-shaped lump in the middle of the bed – but she feels safe there.

Wednesday is frightened by knocks on the door, dropped silverware and a friend’s toddling baby who just wants to play with her. And even though our smoke detector has gone off exactly once in three years, Wednesday suspiciously looks at it every single day as part of her regular routine.

Although many things scare my Cat, she is absolutely TERRIFIED of thunder and fireworks. Last Fourth of July, we had BOTH on the same night and Wednesday fled to her ‘ultimate bomb shelter’ – a small crawl space beneath the dishwasher behind a trash can. Here she lay quivering for hours refusing to come out and be held. She kept her eyes tightly closed and I knew she was saying to herself, “It’s the end of the world! Oh my God, I know it! It’s the end of the world!”


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2 Responses to “Wednesday is a Scaredy Cat”

  1. amy stahl says:

    I had my grandmother to her doctor with my mother a few weeks ago. She is perfectly healthy. For as long as Ive been around she has had the shakes though.
    At her appointment, the doctor shook his head and said, “She can calm down. I really dont know what she is afraid of.”
    My mom snorted, “Life.”

  2. paolo. says:

    With comments like that, she’s probably afraid of your mother.

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