Weather You Like It Or Not


I don’t like it at all. I don’t like the bizarre maps nor isobars nor barometric pressures that are always rising or falling. I don’t like fronts when they dance across the screen in ‘time-enhanced’, color cartoons.  I don’t like “doppler” radar (Doppler? I don’t even know her!) I really don’t like any of it

A huge (Oh My!) storm was predicted for the Thanksgiving weekend (“THE BIGGEST TRAVEL WEEKEND OF THE YEAR!”) and drama-queen weather-feathers got everyone in a tizzy.  The “meteorologists” started whipping people into a froth about three days before the holiday: “Lotsa big weather coming! God help your travel plans. Watch for cancelations and delays! Hide your kids! Stay tuned!”

Feathers were jumping around in front of maps – all grim – with their jackets off to show how hard they’re working to save us from mad weather!  The “massive storm” yawned out a few lake flakes and then turned into a very normal winter weekend.

When we were an agricultural society, weather reports made sense because farmers could plan their days accordingly. Today the weather is just a hyped, cheap-to-produce stepchild of local news. There’s less there than meets the eye.

How accurate are weather forecasts?

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