We Just Want To Be Happy Parents

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  1. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    In 1969 you could walk over the bridge over the Rio Grande into Juarez Mexico and old begger women with baskets on poles would be under the bridge catching coins tossed by tourists that felt sorry for the old women-who were dressed in rags, and always had a baby with them. Pitiful, just pitiful. Everyone would throw them money. I noticed one day that the old women often had different babies. Then I found out they would RENT a baby to look more pitiful and make more money. The probably couldn’t wait to get back to their hacienda, return the baby, put on their good clothes, and have an enjoyable evening with their family after a hard days work catching money.
    I LIKE TRUMP! But whose wife and baby did he rent for that happy photo?

  2. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    Do you reckon he grabs the kid and pulls him off of those things with a big sucking sound-“POP!” gives the kid a bottle as he pushes him out of the way and says, “HEY! I PAID FOR THAT MILK YOU BALD HEADED CHUMP! AND CHENEY YOU CAN BUY YOUR OWN MOMMA GODDAMIT!!

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