We “Won” In Iraq? Bullshit!

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki

Iraqi’s have a strange way of showing appreciation for America’s billions of  war dollars and US troops killed in the last 10-years.  Basically most Iraqi’s want us out of their country saying we are now “occupying” it.  Last week there were violent anti-American protests which included the cliched flag burnings and hate chants.  US commercial interests were also attacked.

Prime Minister al-Malaki (the man we wrestled to the top of the turban heap in “free” elections last March) wants the 50,000 troops to stay past the December agreement.  Few others do.  Why?  Iraq’s nearly-demolished  infrastructure has to be rebuilt and Americans can help.  The troops could protect the rebuilding contracters like Haliburton  – and – not for nothing – keep him in power.

Mission accomplished?  Uh, not so much.  Maybe we’ll do better in Afghanistan.  Right.

4 Responses to “We “Won” In Iraq? Bullshit!”

  1. Bill says:

    I have to steal a page from Ron Paul here. Would you feel grateful to some nation that invaded the U.S., killed your friends and family, and then occupied us for God knows how long? Hell, no.

    The Iraqis don’t give a damn about our casualties or the money we’ve spent. They just want us gone.

  2. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    The Majic word is Haliburton. When I worked offshore the crews on Haliburton boats could retire in 15 Years. In the 1st OPEC(????) Shortage. That shortage and this one is caused by OUR investors like Cheney and Bush. Just like the 1sr Pres. Bush’s edjucation was paid for by Hitlers invasion of Poland.

  3. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    In Virtnam we used the term, “Wasted,” when it came to someone getting killed they were wasted. I got chewed on on Mil.com for saying our guys were wasted.

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