WARNING: Swine Flu Pandemic!


The Center for Disease Control stated that Swine Flu  is passed by a person touching a surface that’s been contaminated with the virus  – and then touching his eyes, mouth, or nose.  The CDC recommends washing your hands much more frequently with soap and hot water for at least 20-seconds.  Paolo recommends keeping your damn fingers OUT of your eyes, mouth, and  nose.

Presented as a Public Service Message by “EVERYONE’S ENTITLED TO MY OPINION”

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3 Responses to “WARNING: Swine Flu Pandemic!”

  1. Bill says:

    But Frank, what else do men have to do at stoplights?

  2. Seems to me if the pigs can fly what we need is bigger hats. But if they already flu, we just need to watch where we step.

  3. Deschner says:

    I dunno but there quite alot of people that keep saying that “It is all part of the federal government’s plan. They have made this flu up. Where are the pictures of any casualty. Where are they? YOu know what pictures we have, we have proof that 9/11 was an inside job done by Bush. We have proof of FEMA concentration camps for people that do not agree with them. We have proof that the bankers and the Rothschild family are the ones that caused this big crash. We know that Obama is one of the NWO. He is also an illuminati scum. He is not the people’s president, he is the slave of UN and the NWO. There is no such thing as the swine flu. This is Obama’s 9/11 cover-up!”. I hope this flu epidemic clears out as soons as possible. Too much conspiracing rise about this and all.. http://slashingtongue.com/opinion/swine-flu-over-hyped/

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