WARNING: Half-Baked Tan Laws

The 18-years and under crowd in New York State must be pretty stupid.  Even if they graduated high school, they aren’t smart enough to make their own decisions regarding smoking, alcohol, clubs, casinos, nor adult materials.  Now they can’t even tan in a tanning bed without their parents’ permission.

Kicking them out of electric beaches is just one more way  the government says “We know how to live your life better than you do”.  And if Tiffany doesn’t want tan lines to look dumb under her new prom dress, that’s just too bad.

5 Responses to “WARNING: Half-Baked Tan Laws”

  1. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    Of course they are dumber than dirt and and can’t lead their own lives. That’s why we need them to take SSRI’s like Prozac to get them to fight on and on and on in wars everyone knows we’ll lose because they want to be like rambo or Audie Murphy. YOU HAVE TO HAVE A SCREW LOOSE TO ENLIST FOR 8 to begin with.
    You hear people say, “The miltary made a MAN out of me!”
    So does getting older anywhere. Try being a cop or a fireman in NYC.
    Before anyone enlists look up the July 10,2009 issue of Time magazine and how a psychiatrist LADY non-combat fought for and got prozac for her little men in Somalia. (Got her a COL’s rank-something nut Dr’s don’t usually get- they usually get OUT. UNLES??? they might just be taking their own goofus pills.
    If you old guys can remember-then remember and point out to the 18 yr olds the only reason they can vote is because it was wrong to send a man to fight in a war he couldn’t fight for. And a sunburn in service rates disciplinary action for destroying government property. YOU.

  2. paolo. says:


    I’d like to apologize to you and all veterans for not acknowledging last Friday (the third Friday in September) as National POW/MIA Awareness Day.

    1711 of our people were lost in combat – never to be heard from again. I cannot imagine the horror of families ‘not knowing’ what happened to their sons, daughters, and loved ones when they went “to fight for our country”. We will never forget forever (!) – although our flawed memories mighty make us forget for a few days.


  3. Bill says:

    The reason young men make good soldiers is because their brains are still developing. If we as a society want to take advantage of a kid’s stupidity to help us win a war, then we should allow that same kid to have a beer or tan himself silly. If congress made 21 the minimum age for military service, I would be ok with the rest of the nonsense.

  4. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    Exactly Bill. And it’s nice for the country to try and remember the guys who won’t ever come home. But RAMBO and Con Men have really screwed that idea up. We pretty much know where they are- in a country that no longer exists either. Like America over half that country wasn’t born in ’75. The have no reason to keep old men over 60 or 70 as slaves. Most who came home or went to the Hilton were Flyers. According to our enemy the men that were caught on the ground (And not tortured to death) weren’t healthy enough to take the trip North eating the food the dinks ate.

  5. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    Just the smell of Nuoc Nam sauce kills me. They put it on rice like soy sauce. It’s fermented fish juice. The fishermen had no refrigeration so they put their catch in layers of salt in a barrel. The crap at the bottom of the barrel turned black and thick. MM MMM GOOD over flied lice.

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