Want To Make A Drug Lord Laugh?

Modern drug tunnel UNDER our borders.

Just Mention the War On Drugs

NY again tried to decriminalize small amounts of pot in our state. The Republicans in the NY Senate extinguished it.  They’re following the drunken steps of the Federal government which has spent about $500-PER SECOND for DECADES trying to tell us to ‘just say no.’

Ask any 10-year American kid if it would be harder for him to buy a pint of liquor or a small bag of weed and he’ll laugh at you.  Legislating morality is always a losing proposition for the government. The most obvious examples are Prohibition and the War on Drugs – oh wait, I forgot gambling, pornography, and prostitution.  Voluntary “crimes”  where the victims are the same people who commit the crimes. And drug deaths?

The number of drug deaths in the US in a typical year:

  • Tobacco kills about 390,000 people.
  • Alcohol kills about 80,000.
  • Sidestream smoke from tobacco kills about 50,000.
  • Cocaine kills about 2,200.
  • Heroin kills about 2,000.
  • Aspirin kills about 2,000.
  • Marijuana kills 0. There has never been a recorded death due to marijuana at any time in US history.

Source: NIDA Research Monographs

If you’re FOR the Drug War (giggle), here are some simple answers to questions you might have:




6 Responses to “Want To Make A Drug Lord Laugh?”

  1. Bill says:

    I do agree with your post, but a couple of the stats are off. NO deaths from weed? Please. Ever hear of driving while impaired? COPD? Terminal munchies?

    50,000 deaths from 2nd hand smoke? Politically correct propaganda. If 2nd hand smoke were all that dangerous I’d have been dead by the time I was 10.

    I do agree; we should stop the war on drugs. One of the reasons we don’t is because some communities make a lot of money from housing prisoners. Their gvt reps make sure the money keeps coming in as long as a piece of the action makes it into their campaign coffers.

  2. paolo. says:

    Ah, to be a moderate again…..

    Your anecdotal evidence of life before 10 is … uh, interesting (I guess.) Any hard data to back your horseshit? Any sources?

  3. Bill says:

    Every year, possibly every day, someone in the U.S. dies of alcohol poisoning, and someone else dies of alcohol related liver cancer. But not 80,000. That stat is inflated by people who die in auto accidents in which a driver is impaired. Fair enough, but if you’re going to use that methodology with booze then you have to use it with weed. I don’t know what the number of such fatalities is, but I know it’s not zero.

    I don’t get the “moderate” reference. If you mean using common sense I plead guilty.

    Just as I don’t believe the government’s blather about the dangers of marijuana, I don’t believe their anti-tobacco propoganda as it relates to second hand smoke. I lost both parents and two younger siblings to tobacco, so I have no illusion about it being harmless. Second hand smoke is a different story. I’m very sorry I didn’t videotape the constant fog of smoke in my childhood home, but I suspect most literate readers understood what I was talking about, especially if they are boomers.

  4. paolo. says:

    Here we go again. The point of the piece is that the drug war is pointless, expensive, and takes away our rights as human beings.

    I’ve used the numbers only to show the relative deaths of legal vs. illegal drugs. Astute readers may have noticed the figures are all in round numbers. This means they have been rounded up or down. Your point about any specific number – including 0 – is trivial compared to the premise of the post.

    Any anecdotal evidence is not relevant. You’ve offered nothing to support your claim that 2nd hand smoke does not exist nor have you cited any source which reflects deaths from pot.

    Has there ever been a nit you haven’t picked?

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