“Vietnam Was A Terrible Mistake”

Listen to former Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara talk about the beginning of the Vietnam war. He and the rest of the Kennedy administration originally believed they were “stopping Communist aggression.”  By the mid to late ’60’s, he, LBJ and the rest knew they were wrong and Vietnam was a civil war.  But they couldn’t admit it and “lose face.”

The war rolled on into 1975 at which point we were defeated.  Cost?  Over 58,000 US military troops who fought and died for basically nothing,(about 25,000 after Nixon took office in 1969 and we knew it was hopeless,) over a million Vietnamese dead, and the start of a crippled American economy.  Before the end of the war, McNamara’s kids would no longer speak to him.

Today Vietnam is a favored trading partner of the US.  And war profiteers – the military/industrial complex – did very, very well.  Do you think it’s any different today in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0enCCGBW3xc

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