Very Good Writer at Lousy Writer Prices


I’m bored. Not just take-a-nap bored – but all out, full-tilt, black hole bored. Clients are on vacations and the ones hanging around aren’t starting any new projects until fall.

What’s a very good commercial writer?  Someone who’s  fast, creative, agrees to a price before beginning, a person who works on a project basis as opposed to an hourly charge, someone who’s not a prima donna, fun to work with,  and gives you a guarantee of satisfaction.

What will I write?  Just about anything from resumes to ads to notes for your paperboy.

What do I cost?  A lot less than you think during the lazy days of summer. And it isn’t even August.

Call (585) 546-3244


34 Responses to “Very Good Writer at Lousy Writer Prices”

  1. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    Try writing yourself a routine for a stand up comedy club, open mike or just talk them into letting you sit in. I did. It turned out actually be the last night for the club to be in business. I carried my guitar on stage and when I stunk I just played a few tunes and said, Hey what thell I’m no commedian and now i know it, YOU folks come up here and try it. They said, “play another song!” and i got invited to the locked door closing party for all the owners guests and any professionals around with a rock band the next night. Locked doors, private party in a club with a full bar and no airheads allowed.

  2. It is the second entry I read tonight. And I am on my third. Got to think which one is next. Thank you.

  3. amy stahl says:

    I agree. When I visit perhaps over drinks we can spin a quick comedy routine for each other. sounds like our cup of tea
    we could tape you and send it rt along to conan o brien

  4. Brenda says:

    The comedy gig sounds like a good idea. I have another one for you. Write another book—perhaps a collection of your blogs.

    If your looking for some income, there is probably many out there who need help with their resumes. Put an ad on Craig’s list offering your services or contact local head hunting & employment agencies for some referrals.

    If you go with the comedy act, though, let me know the time and place. I’ll cheer you on!

  5. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    Your right near Lake Ontario. $100 burials at sea, A little more if they’re still breathing. All you need is a canoe and about 25 empty milk bottles to use as Pall Bearrers.

  6. Laface says:

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