Veiled Threat To Muslim Women Drivers


KQT gave me the background for this post. Here she's seen driving on a busy Rochester, NY street.

Sheikh Saleh al-Lohaidan, a top Muslim cleric, believes women who drive cars risk damaging their ovaries by pushing their pelvis upward and bearing children with clinical problems. Saudi Arabia, a strong ally of the United States, now limits driving to men-only.  A protest scheduled for October 26 calls for women to defy the ban – and drive.  Obviously it will only be successful if there are few accidents due to a lack of driving experience.

Last week the ‘Women Driver’ campaign went viral on the internet. On Sunday, access to it’s website was blocked by Saudi officials.

As a member of the Saudi Senior Council of Scholars, the biologically-challenged Sheik can write religious edicts and advise the government. He said women who want to drive should put “reason ahead of their hearts, emotions and passions.”

The final decision of Saudi women drivers will be made by King Abdulla. The King has four wives. His father – who reigned when cars were introduced to the Mideast – had 145.

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