US Dentist With Small Penis Kills Big Game


Walter Palmer, 55, an American dentist from Minnesota, illegally baited, shot, skinned and beheaded a beloved, majestic lion known as “Cecil” during a Zimbabwe safari. The lion was protected in Hwange National Park but was lured onto private land and then shot with a bow and arrow.  Only wounded, the 13-year old lion was stalked for 40-hours and then killed with a rifle. Palmer is known for paying large amounts of money for licenses to massacre these wild creatures.


I’ve always believed hunters have trouble with their masculinity. That surge of power when they kill a living being reassures them that they’re as macho as the next guy despite what group showers show them.


That countries like Zimbabe continue to sell licenses to wealthy hunters is almost beyond belief.  How much revenue could these sales possibly generate? Perhaps Zimbabe could dress natives as head hunters for tourist selfies to sell instead of trophy-head permits.


US Dentist kills “Cecil”:

Thrill Killing Is Fun!

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