US Defeated in Iraq

We lost in Iraq, didn’t you hear?  Everybody knows it – but no one will just come out and say it.  After nine years of fighting, billions and billions of dollars spent, and too many Americans dead –  US combat troops will pull out of the country next month.  Non-combat personnel will stay another year in a war we couldn’t have won, because there was nothing for the US to win.

When will America ditch this “US-Freedom Police of the World ” crap?   Didn’t we learn anything in Vietnam?  The head of Iraq’s military said it would take ANOTHER 10-years of US military support before the country could defend itself against insurgents.  Good luck, buddy.

We have the best-trained military troops in the world (with the possible exception of Israel).  We also have the best high tech hardware available and smart people who know how to employ it.

And it can’t compete against some religious, illiterate lunatic – wearing explosives –  who thinks he’s going to shake hands with Allah and ball
72 virgins as soon as he blows up a few “infidels”.  We never could compete.

“Mission Accomplished” Bush, Jr!  And Obama – you have even more blood on your hands.  Better start rehearsing spin and flag-waving speeches.  The practice will do you good when we lose in Afghanistan.

2 Responses to “US Defeated in Iraq”

  1. Bill says:

    Our biggest problem is we don’t know when to get out. We invade some country, kick their ass, and then try to occupy them. Stupid.

    We should just kick their ass, warn them not to pester us again, and come home.

  2. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    The Sunni Muslims like Bin Laden want to enforce Sharia law on the entire world but ther are millions and millions of Muslims that just want peace. I think maybe he has won by enticing us into unwinnable situations in areas occupied by the more peacefull Muslims and getting us to make more enemies than he could ever have made freinds with. Europe(Brits for example) are so scared of angering these ignorant ill educated shits that they have even changed their history books not to tell about the holocaust- It never happened-BULLSHIT! And we are changing our history books. Not teaching about world history properly but as off the wall weird teachers teach.
    Ignore the mistakes of the past…………WORSE!- alter them.

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