US Cost of Both Wars Since 2001:

$922,498,206,095+ Billion

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10 Responses to “US Cost of Both Wars Since 2001:”

  1. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    Yeah but they are making it up by not giving the soylent green of us and the disabled vets any cost of living increase this year since we didn’t have any inflation this year. At least I had the self respect to throw away my worthless medals, how long will Obama use his peace prize to cover up the war cost- evidently the people who get the money for the war buy the peace prize- It is no longer a viable award.

  2. Steve says:

    That idiot FD942 told you to “put a sock in it”

    BEAUTIFUL!!! FP, I salute you: – )

    He cannot stand the numbers.

  3. Steve says:

    I want whatever it is that saxon/pentopaper is drinking: – )

    “How about me? I love a long legged woman. Plant crops? I have…….Orange? What’s your sign, buddy?
    I am the walrus!”………….Chickens?
    Circle? You bet!

  4. Steve says:

    FP – don’t you get it yet? According to the righties, 5,000 dead is really, no big deal, I mean, look at how many Mao killed.

    Keep up the good work and SHOVE those numbers in their faces and laugh at how they come up with ways to justify it.

    It would be like if one of their loved ones was ina car accident and you told them, well, really, thousands are in car accidents, so, it’s really not that big a deal, you know, that “perspective” thing.

  5. Frank Paolo says:

    Amazing, isn’t it? How about the one who reminded me of how many were killed in the Civil War?!

  6. Steve says:

    Yeah, he actually compared the casualty rate to a war that had either small or giant iron balls flying at people, and medical technology that was the equivalent of, basically, whiskey, saws and needle-nose pliers.

  7. Steve says:

    Ah, but, when speaking of 9/11, and they go on about 3,000 Americans dying…if you even HINTED at the fact that 3,000 people probably died in one week in the London Air Raids, or 3,000 Iraqis probably die each day, or that 3,000 people die in a week in car accidents….

    look out. They will throw that number at us, but when their numbers are thrown back at them..they can’t take it.

  8. Steve says:

    I was waiting for this one…quite possibly better than the ridiculous civil war comparison.
    But I always love the “war sucks, but hey, ya know, sometimes” argument. And he says we all KNOW war sucks…well, apparently not, because we’ve been in several and are currently 6 years into two of them now…so, raining on your wedding day sucks, running out of gas sucks…war goes a little above “suck”.
    I want someone to say that to a grieving family…”Yeesh, I know it sucks, and war sucks…it all sucks, but, yea, ya know…sometimes…well….we gotta run…take care..oh, darn, it’s raining, well, that sucks..hey, just like war”.
    Same logic as when a parent says, “this’ll hurt me more than it does you”
    Really? I don’t think so.
    Now, sometimes, defedning oneself is necesary. But war? No.

    Anyway, keep the heat on. He also doesn’t seem to remember this one, like others, wasn’t necesary. But, to him, it just sucks, but it’s necesary, as long as it’s some other people’s kid.
    Over 60million dead in WW2. 418,500 Americans. War sucks, I think everyone knows this, but at times it is neccessary.

  9. Steve says:

    Can you do me a favor? The person that posted this stupid comment “war sucks but is sometimes necesary”.
    Please, someone respond to him and tell him he’s been drafted…and that, hey, it sucks, but it’s necesary. Or that he just lost his job or is homeless, “hey, it sucks, but sometimes, chief, ya know?”
    Or, just tell him to join up if he thinks it’s so necesary.
    “Hey, someone has to eat this shit sandwich…I know, I know, it sucks, but it’s necesary….now…it won’t be me, mind you…but someone HAS to do it. “

  10. Frank Paolo says:

    Great responses to “sucks”, Steve. I’m not going to answer him because I’m not responding to anyone there. I’ve made up my mind completely – no further “pro” points to even be considered by me. These two wars have sucked since the day we started them.

    All I’m going to do is remind everyone what they cost every single friggin’ day.

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