Two Worms Fighting in Dead Urnest

Do you have any plans after you’re dead?  Big funeral? Party? Cremation? Headstone?  I don’t really care what they do to my body after I die.  I broke most of my parts living a fast life with no regrets.  Actually, it would be better for everyone if I died on ‘trash day’ and they could  just put me in a few large garbage bags.  I wouldn’t mind.

However, Spanish designer Martin Azua has a different idea.  He invented the Bios Urn in which people can put their cremated remains plus a  seedling and grow into a future tree or plant.  It’s very green and your relatives can enjoy you far into the future.

Depending where you’d like to be planted, you can choose to become a fruit tree, a pot plant, or just about anything else that grows in the ground.  Some people can hardly wait for the honor!

This and many other great ideas can be found here:

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