Too Pathetic To Hate

Until yesterday, I hated don trump. Then the story broke that he sent a $25,000 check to a Gold-Star father 4-months after he promised to.  He sent it only because the father revealed the broken promise to the media.

It wasn’t the first time trump boasted of giving to charity and then reneging.  The Washington Post documented millions of dollars in his false charity promises here:

What kind of man brags and promises vasts sums of money to needy people – and then doesn’t send it?

A stingy, pathetically-insecure person of questionable mental health.

A petty, pitiful adult-child who calls people infantile names, bullies, can’t admit he makes mistakes, and lies outrageously almost daily. A degenerative egotist who desperately seeks approval and reassurance.

In other words, a sad loser.  And a loser whose administration is crumbling into dust.

It’s hard to hate a loser.

I doubt if trump will complete his first term of office.  I think a resignation is more likely than an impeachment and a breakdown is not out of the question. Or worse.

I only hope he doesn’t take us all out with him.



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