Told You They Were All Lunatics

At the height of the “Cold War” in the 1950′s, the U.S. military explored the idea of detonating an atomic bomb on the moon in an effort to intimidate Russia. Physicist Leonard Reiffel, who later became a deputy director of NASA, and even famed astronomer Carl Sagan were involved in top secret’ “Project A119.”

This was about the time in American history when the CIA was studying the effects of LSD on unsuspecting military personnel and was also trying to develop a “Mancherian Candidate” to assassinate foreign leaders.

Project A119 never got much further than the “Hey!-I’ve-Got-A-Great-Idea!” stage. It was questionable if we had a rocket powerful enough to carry the heavy payload. And if we even hit the moon, would anyone notice the microscopic, firefly-like light? Of course it would also be inconvenient if the rocket sputtered and wiped out Los Angeles and San Diego.

When it comes to nuclear pyrotechnics for visual aid purposes, it’s probably best just to leave them in the silos

Project A119:

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