To the Class of ’68:

I actually went to two high schools because my family moved in the middle of my Junior year. Not surprisingly, they both invited me to their 40th Class Reunions. Also not surprisingly, I won’t be going to either. So, since I won’t be speaking to anyone in person, I thought I would kind of fill you all in with a verbal report.

This picture was taken last week. Note the similarities it has to my ‘68 yearbook picture. I really haven’t changed much at all. I haven’t gained any weight nor lost any hair. I still lead a healthy lifestyle with plenty of exercise, natural food and I’m always positive with a strong belief in the Lord. Yep, pretty much like you remember me.

I understand some of you have changed, uuuh…rather dramatically. Well that’s OK – 40 years is a long time. So if you happen to see me skipping down the street without a care in the world, please say hello – love to see ya!

If you’ve changed at all, I might not recognize you – so please stop me. You’ll see me easily – just use the picture above as a reference.


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9 Responses to “To the Class of ’68:”

  1. Bill says:

    I’m like you, Frank. I have never been to a class reunion. Since I didn’t care for the jerks when we were young, why on earth would I want to see them now?

  2. Frank Paolo says:

    I should say I actually liked almost everyone in both schools. But most social events are just overwhelming for me. My reputation as a recluse is well-deserved – and if I catch you downstairs talking to two people at the same time again, you may be kicked out of the club.

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  4. Paul says:

    Thanks for the report but I thought you were over all that recluse stuff. I had you figured to be busting balls at the reunion. You were the president of the school for crying out loud and one of the only guys who could grow a mustache. I’d would recognize you a mile a way even if you still look the same. It would be good to see you.

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  6. Ghost_of_IR says:

    Frank, while the photo doesn’t really do you justice since it’s not KodaChrome, your former classmates should also be made aware that your hair color also remains [1]naturally[/i] unchanged.

  7. Paul says:

    Much closer to fifty years now and time to get over all that nonsense. Sorry about all my past typos.

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  9. paolo. says:

    Don’t quite understand your comment, Paul, but I would be very happy to help with any aspect of future R.L. reunions. Nice seeing you and Peggi on your tour.

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