This Whiney, Little Cocksplat …

. . . is setting you up!

“Rigged Election” my ass! There REALLY WAS a rigged US Presidential election in 2016. It was by the RUSSIANS and confirmed by 17-US Intelligence Agencies.

The Orange Whine-O chose to believe Putin and the Russians instead of our guys and now he has a new bullshit con. He’s collecting millions of dollars from his stupid saps to get himself out of debt and pay off his legal bills under the guise of: trump-2024. Pure horseshit!

When I lived in New York, I saw the 3-card Monte cons with their cardboard boxes on the sidewalk everyday. Stupid tourists would have their dollars snatched, the box kicked away, and the con would run into an alley before the dolts knew what hit them!

That was sad – but what’s worse is watching gullible, yahoo trumpets VOLUNTARILY handing their money to the biggest con of all!

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