There’s No Easter Bunny, No Santa Claus …


… and Sorry trumpets, There’s Not Going To Be A Magic Wall

Here are some reality checks you choose to ignore:

* The government doesn’t own all of the 2,500 MILES of land which borders the border. Any massive construction site is going to take HUGE amounts of material, thousands of pieces of construction equipment, and tens of thousands of workers all of whom will be either highly-paid US union-labor workers or illegal aliens. 

* The first thing they’ll have to construct is thousands of miles of access roads across private property. The land owners may generously allow the government free land-use rights (Right.) demand outrageous permission fees, or challenge eminent domain cases in court for the next 100-years.

* Of course there are countless zoning laws, extensive building permits, environmental considerations, different state laws, and thousands of ranchers whose livestock might not appreciate the cacophony of industrial progress.

* No large goverment-sponsored construction project has ever lacked planned delays, union trouble, kickbacks, or bribes.  It’s estimated that these shenanigans add 25-50% to the final cost. (And that’s if the Mob is in a good mood.)

* Who exactly is going to monitor and guard 2,500 MILES of the magic wall?


* One thing about walls – you can go over them, around them, or under them (hello, el Chapo!)  The only way the wall would stop the major flow of drugs is if  drug lords looked at it and then dropped dead laughing.

* There are government feasibility studies on expanding the miles of walls that now exist on the Southwest border.

Conclusions: too costly and ineffective – except in the minds of trumpets (Naw – I put that last one in.  I would also add ‘stupid.’)

2016 ED

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