The Wrong Attitude When Stopped By Police

The tragedy of Sandra Bland being stopped for a minor traffic violation which turned into her jail death didn’t have to happen.  I don’t know if it was murder or suicide or a combination of the two – but it could have been avoided.  The same thing goes for Michael Brown of Furgeson and Eric Garner in New York.  They all refused with attitude a reasonable police request – and now they’re all dead.

Had they kept their attitudes in check and didn’t set off the police, they may have lived to see some justice in court, in the media, or even by a civilian review board.  Note the cop’s initial attitude when approaching Bland’s car.  His tone sounded reasonable to me in the beginning – hers didn’t.*

Should cops be trained to deal with people who don’t follow reasonable requests?  Of course.  But I wouldn’t bet my life on that training if I were black – my life matters.

Sandra Bland updates:

* Note:  There are many videos of this incident going around which begin when the cop is already antagonized.  They are deliberately  misleading.

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