The WORST Decade EVER!


For America, this last decade was not only a glass half-empty, it was a glass cracked, dirty, and it chipped a few of our front teeth.

The year 2000 started with the famous disaster that never was: Y2K – which could possibly crash every important computer system in the world. I don’t even remember all that didn’t happen – or how it got fixed.  Next came the decade’s stolen Presidential election with shards hanging in Florida and the final vote cast by the Supreme Court.  The winner?

George Bush the 2nd.  Enough said.

Just eight months later the world saw the worst terrorist attack in history –  the destruction of our Twin Towers and part of the Pentagon.  To me, America’s response was Bush’s finest moment.  He leveled the Taliban in a measured blast that was applauded the world over.  Even people in Paris were crying and waving the American flag in support.  But then Bush  started drinking oil martinis with Cheney and all of a sudden Hussein of Iraq was our worst enemy. Osama Bin Laden started laughing and dancing the funky chicken because Hussein was his worst enemy and our sights were no longer on Osama.  Years before he declared a “holy war” against the Iraqi dictator and now America was doing his dirty work.

All of a sudden America was involved in two non-winnable wars and the only notable Senator who spoke out against our involvement was Senator Obama. Of course when he became President, he stupidly followed the Bush demented war policies and even upped the stakes.  The best thing he’s doing for Bush?  Obama is now in the running for “Worst President Ever” and may even beat out that nitwit from Texas.

These political and global disasters look really bad – until you place them next to the economic news in America. Worst decade for stocks – foreclosures – over our heads in debt to places like China – unemployment highest in at least 30-years – dollar dropping into oblivion – banks failing all over the country – money scandals like ACORN – all the “stimulus” programs off to a s-l-o-w start, and Bernie Madoff stealing $500-billion with a simple Ponzi scheme.

Since these horrendous crisis’ seem impossible to solve, we chose a future crisis over which to fight and spend pretend money: global warming. Gored environmentalists suffered from fudged research and the problem probably isn’t the earth’s heat anyway – it’s always the humidity. Rain forest – my solution? Pave it with Sequoia chips and make it a parking lot – really, who gives a damn?

And now Tiger Woods – who may be renamed “Dog” Woods – shattering his pure image with a string of bimbos after he told some of them he “loved” them.  Tiger, you’re supposed to lie to your wife – not the side dishes. What’s the matter with you? Take out your wallet and they’ll love you too.

The decade’s air waves were polluted with a Rush of Flatulence and a Glenn of Tears. And I’m having a hard time deciding how much of an animal is Michael Vick? He just killed dogs for sport. But the Swine Flu killed lots more people and fewer pigs than Hormell kills in a day.

The decade’s last moments were celebrated by a horrific terrorist attack at Fort Hood and a close disaster on an airliner near Detroit. They were not nearly as amusing as the two pilots who fell asleep together over – way over – Minneapolis and then lied about it.

Well, look on the bright side; I KNOW this next decade will be better.  Why?  Simply – it could not get any worse. Happy New Year!

5 Responses to “The WORST Decade EVER!”

  1. Bill says:

    While I agree with the general tenor of your comments, I cannot in good conscience label the past decade the worst ever. The 1930s saw the great depression, the rise of Stalin and Hitler, and the start of WW II. Now THAT was a bad decade.

    Also, 9/11 was far from being the worst act of terrorism ever; there have been many worse. One of the vagaries of human nature makes an event A-OK if we do it but inhuman terrorism if the other guy does it. I’ve always admired Winston Churchill for his honesty in calling allied firebombings and use of atomic weapons acts of terror. And he didn’t say it years after the fact.

    On the other hand, I will admit George W Bush and his cohorts did do great harm to the United States in the past decade. We may never fully recover. I won’t demonize George; I don’t believe he meant any harm. The poor jerk simply took on a job he was not qualified for.

  2. Joe Bele-Isle says:

    Bill. It’s not that GW took on a job that he wasn’t qualified for at all. He was 100% Ivy League educated qualified to take the Presidency and lay on his back, spread his legs, and say, “Fuck me buddie’s, I’m a BIG whore now!!” Each time a pal pocketted a million he got his .25C and giggled. What I find obscene is that he wasn’t as smart as a ten year old girl who would demand to see the quarter first.
    According to Russian News Obama is using these foreign wars to train our military to win decisively in the upcoming American Civil War.
    One thing is for sure- take our jobs away and we can’t buy. If we can’t buy the worlds economy will collapse.

  3. Brenda says:

    Joe you’re a trip:) I’ll agree with you Franco it was a pretty bad decade, but Bill has a point with the depression/hitler thing. Although the last decade has seen unprecedented natural disasters…Katrina, tsunamis among others. 2009 itself seemed to be such an eventful year with historic events and the loss of many well-known people, but at the same time it had a few amazing events as well: the miracle on the Hudson, the girl who was reunited with her family after an abduction that lasted 18 years are two, Sean Goldman reuniting with his father after a horrid 5-year custody battle in Brazil, and one of my personal favorites the snipers who rescued a US ship captain from pirates. All in all, a great year for the media if nothing else.

  4. Joe Bele-Isle says:

    When you mentioned Tsunamis I suddenly thought of all the coasts I’ve seen in my 61 years- in Asia, the east coast, the west coast, probably EVERY coast, there is a hilljust inland from the caost, usually obviously a great dune. Gigantic- they can hit anywhere, anytime.

  5. Steve says:

    Worst decade, evuh! : – )

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