The Wars Must Be Over – Did We Win?

When was the last time you heard anything about our wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan (our only ally whom we bomb daily)?  Did we hit 5,000 dead yet?  Who knows?  Who cares?

We were successful on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  That’s what’s really important.  Retail sales were up a few percentage points and everyone was happy.  We know what’s important to America.  How many shopping days ‘til Christmas?

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  1. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    There’s a lot of things that burn my ass. Just one being that I believe this photo had to be snuck out. The films for the newsreels of WWII weren’t broadcast in black and white to hide blood in the mud-Color photography was NEW and our Combat photographers had to carry what was readily available . All my color photgraphs from 1969 had the bright greenery of Vietnam destroyed by being stored in the heat of vietnam. In WWII everyone was involved and in harms way with Nazi’s right off the coast blowing our Merchant ships within view of our coast. Our people got death notices enough to know there were a lot of people dying and the Gov tried to make it just a little less heartbreaking by not showing our guys bodies when everymother in America would be wondering durring every battle if their sons were killed,
    But I have a beautifull at least at a cost of $250 American flag in a wooden frame with a certificate that it flew in a combat flight signed by the pilot, sent to me by my Brother in Law who had 20 yrs in the reserves and a top Job for years into this war before they decided to send him over-several times so far. It represents his sacrafice of losing his job and his home of over 20 years if nothing else but of course there’s more-there’s always more. But the flag is folded into the triangular shape of an inner frame made just the right size for a properly folded flag.
    What really burnes my ass past the fact that we keep falling for what we warned so many other countries that listenned to us about-war will bring us more enemies than we started out with. Originally what? some 42 al-Quaada zealots turned into over 140 countries with Al-Quaada training centers and operatives?
    It’s the fact that on virtually every flag I see on Tv or in someones home folded triangularly in the proper shape-ALL OF THEM- Folded WRONG.

    And i have no doubt they are folded wrong, with the stars out of line or showing the wrong number, not because the men folding the flags don’t respect it, but because their supervisors are poorly trained and can’t tell the very basics of right from wrong with an attitude that they can get away with it. Because they do. I even suspect that Obama WOULD have put his hand over his heart if he KNEW that was the way someone in civilian clothes salutes. But he doesn’t know how a President salutes. He DID give a whopping large amount of money to General Electric. AND WE KNOW HOW POOR THE POWER COMPANIES AND POWER EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURERS MUST BE????????
    bUT OH YEAH WE ALMOST FORGOT-GE OWNS THE TELEVISION NETWORKS. You wouldn’t possibly believe that just because the media was BRIBED that it would change it’s coverage would you?
    I’m sorry Bill I really do love your intellect and input I really am just not all there sometimes and if I imagined someone was hurtful to you I’d most likely snap and pound a square peg in a round hole if I was there.

  2. Bill says:

    You know how the Germans used to salute Hitler? Well, that’s how people in the U.S.A. used to salute the flag when reciting the pledge prior to WW II. I understand we hated the bastard’s guts, but why did WE have to change the way we did it? Why did we allow Adolph Hitler to alter how we showed respect for our nation?

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