The UK is OK!

My Blog Counter is about to turn over 20,000 hits since July. I’m very flattered and a little surprised. One of the things that surprises me is the number of hitters from the UK. I have no idea why.So, UK visitors, help me out here. Please drop a comment or e-mail me at Tell me how you got to “Everyone is Entitled”.

My humor (or humour- as I may begin to spell it) and views are not very popular in America. Many people in the US are in a bitchy mood. Our stock market has dropped nearly 40% in the last year, the Black guy won, and winter sucks out loud in most parts of the country.

Do you think people would like me more in the UK?  Is cheeky chic-ee there? If you invite me over, I’ll tell you who killed John Kennedy and what Kelly Rippa is REALLY like in bed. Hell, if France can adopt Jerry friggin’ Lewis, certainly you could favour me, right?

So let me know. OK UK?



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