The Torture Report


Surprised?  Why would you be?  After napalming children in Vietnam, America lost any moral compass it once had.

The people who support the Obama/Hillary war machine in the Mideast are the same ones who thought our government knew what it was doing in Vietnam.

When we became the evil we deplore:

Is this biased?  Of course it is.  Want to hear the other side? Listen to the government and the main stream media.

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  1. Fred O'Beren says:


    Regardless of which administrations condone it, continue it, support it, or what have you, blame it on either Clinton, either Bush (the senior of which was head of the CIA when some of this started …), Cheney, Obama, or go back to McCarthy, Nixon, LBJ, and J Edgar Hoover, it is unconscionable. We should not be doing it. Bringing it to light is a good first step.

    Repeatedly, over the year, the _only_ thing that torture has been successful at, is brainwashing someone. No information gotten from interrogation can be trusted, because, as soon as the interrogation gets close to breaking someone down, they look for whatever answer will cause the torture to stop, regardless of truth, or actual knowledge of anything.

    The U.S. torturing people makes us into the”Great Satan” they accuse us of being.

    Are we any better than ISIS, “If you cross us, we will kidnap those close to you (or you, yourself, if we can manage it) and then torture them (you) for days on end.” ok, maybe a little better, since we don’t publically behead them, afterward.

    If U.S. Citizens don’t like this state of affairs, we should do something about it. Knowing about it is the first step. But we need to take the next several steps. Finding _all_ the people responsible, and sending them to Geneva for War Crimes trials. Be they current, or past presidents, CIA folks,”private contractors” or what have you, since obviously our own courts are too biased to deal with it. Many of them were pardoned by presidential order, by our previous president. How many will be pardoned by the current one? Regardless, they all should face the consequences of what they have done.

    Good luck,

  2. paolo. says:

    Thank you for writing, Fred. As usual, you’ve given us something about which to think.

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